Hello Ghallanda DDOers,

I'm laid up for a couple weeks due to knee surgery and getting back on ddo for a bit. I've been around since around 2006 and the last two guilds I was a member of was "VEGAS" and "Ravensguard". Both guilds on Ghallanda. I haven't played much for the last 3 or years but due to circumstance I'm back in the game steadily for the short run. Around Turkey Day is when all expectations have me up and around and doing the jig.

I can't promise my dedication time after I'm up and around again but if you have a guildship and need someone to hang with I'm a good 3.5 month investment. My characters include:

Ranger (Leria)
Wizard (Stugots)
SlipperyPete (Rogue)
BattleDod (Cleric)
Gymlee (Favord Soul)

All of the characters are in epic levels but I'm quiet certain I'm going to reroll one and start over once I get a feel for where the game has evolved since my last understanding.

I'm currently running my ranger to get her up to level 30. Send me a tell if you're looking for a short-term but loyal investment: Leria on Ghallanda.