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    Default Feedback on a 12 ranger 7 bard 1 favired soul

    Hello all, im just for some feedback on this potential multiclass split

    The main idea will be combining dance of death with frozen fury for 4 hit procs with a nice short cooldown of 6s. I like to think of it as a alternative to the t5 warchanter ice spin

    This means charisma will be the main stat and weapon will be bastard swords twf

    Race will be pdk for cha hit and damage
    12 ranger for twf feat lines and +1 crit from tempest core, also evasion
    7 bard for 3.5s stuns (2.5s offtime) and displacment spell
    1 favored soul for follower of helm (gives prof with bastard swords) and divine soul (1/2 cha mod to dc and damage)

    Should have high dc of around 105+
    Hopefully you clear through mobs fast by freezing 4 and the attacking 4 at a time
    Should have decent reflex saves for evasion and will saves from force of personality feat


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    The stun duration is a bit short and the build requires a +1 heart. Other than that, looks like fun. Let us know how it works out for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john0 View Post
    7 bard for 3.5s stuns (2.5s offtime) and displacment spell
    I think DDO just rounds down the duration to 3 seconds.
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