Lately I have been getting a lot of aggro from my guild about needing to get a character to cap for weekly guild raids. However, I only run 1 main character, and am not interested in stopping the TRing to stay at cap. That said, I'm looking for a group (or a partner) for leveling a first life to level 30 with.

I've started several toons solo, but I always get bored and end up bailing on them because, to be frank, first life soloing without gear is painful and sad.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of experience, as long as they have sufficient DDO packs to make it to level 30. To spice it up, it'll be a 1-30 run without twink gear or anything like that. Preferably running somewhere between elite and r2, meeting a few days a week, depending on availability. If anyone is interested, we can start as soon as today or tomorrow.