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    Default Rare Filigree Traders Market Sarlona

    Post your Rares for sale or trade. Please edit your post after items are sold, traded etc...

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    Looking for a long shadow ranged power rare. PM me if you have and need something else.
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    (updated 3 Sept, 2018)

    I have all the filigree I'm currently looking for.
    Feel free to PM me a trade (in game) if you'll looking for the following:

    I have the following rares to trade for these:
    Celerity: Dodge, Reflex, Int
    Deadly Rain: Dex, Reflex, PRR, Dmg, RP
    Electrocution: Con, MRR, Fortitdue, Elec SP
    Embraced by Light: Light SP, MRR, Wis, Con, Cha
    Eye of the Beholder: Wis, Int, Will, MRR
    Melony's Melody: Int, Will, Cha, Songs
    Nystul's Mystical Defense: Will, Fire asorb, MRR, Con
    One Against Many: Dex, Dmg, Crit
    Otto's Irrevocable Power: Con, MRR, Int
    Prowess: Crit
    Purity: Con, Deathblock, Heal Amp, Wis, Fortitude
    Snake Bite: Dmg, Poison Protection
    Sucker Punch: Str, MP, Dmg
    Beast Mantle: Str, MP, Con
    The Blood Feast: Dex, PRR
    The City's Beacon: Trip
    The Cry for Battle: PRR, Con
    The Enlightened Step: Light Asorb, Will, Str, Con
    The Inevitable Grave: Negative Heal Amp, Neg SP
    The Long Shadow: MP, Int, Reflex, Stealth
    The Wreath of Flame: MP, Fort
    To Hell and Back: Fire Asorb, MRR
    Touch of Grace: Cha, Heal Amp
    Treachery: Threat Reduction, MP
    Twilight's Cloak: Dex, Reflex, Cha
    Vigilance: Alertness, Reflex, Will, Fort
    Zephyr: Dodge, MRR, Doublestrike, Int, MRR, Dex

    If I didn't list a set; it means I don't have any rare fili of that set which I wish to trade atm.
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