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    Default New Gearset

    Build still plays as a 20 Fvs Aasimar (for now) but the gear has changed.

    Goggles: LGS (same as guide) sp tier 1 and 3 pos crits tier 2
    Helm: LGS (same as guide) neg crits tier 1-3
    Necklace: Fleetfoot Necklace
    Trinket: Trinket of Freewill
    Cloak: LGS (same as guide) pos crits tier 1 and 3 sp tier 2
    Belt: Legendary Silverthread Belt
    Ring 1: Slave Lords Crafted (false life, devotion, spell pen, qual wisdom)
    Ring 2: Legendary Spinneret
    Gloves: Legendary Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum
    Boots: Slave Lords Crafted (con, heal lore, spell focus, qual con)
    Bracers: Slavers Crafted (wizardry, radiance, rad lore, qual heal)

    Armor: Coat of the Traveler
    Main Hand: Nightmothers Sceptre
    Off-Hand: Hope, The Light Within
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    read guide. love guide. following guide.....

    have a helf that was/is mule.

    no idea what im doing has no str, no wis no cha......

    have a heart to redo, but seeing if i can follow the path of a human
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    Interesting that this came up while I'm doing a FvS life

    I read through the guide, it is quite pretty.

    I'm not sure I agree with your writing off Warsoul. What is the threshold for "warsoul is not a reaper viable build" & "If you choose to run it in reaper know that you will find yourself struggling to do so". This has not been my experience so far.

    Agreed Warsoul is not a good tree compared to what a player might get out of other melee caster trees (wolf & EK for example).

    * edit - Im not trying to be a ****, Im just curious
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    Any new gear setup with Sharn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supps2 View Post
    Any new gear setup with Sharn?
    Yes there is!! Working on putting it in the guide as well but here it is:

    Fvs gear (updated):
    Helm: arcsteel brim
    Necklace: cha artifact
    Trinket: slavers crafted, quality wisdom/heal/open/open
    Cloak: flamecleansed set
    Belt: silverthread
    Ring 1: celestial sapphire (con)
    Ring 2: shattered onyx (ins wis)
    Boots: lgs hp
    Gloves: lgs hp
    Bracers: flamecleansed
    Goggles: collective sight wis/ins con
    Armor: flamecleansed

    Mainhand: nightmother
    Offhand: dethek runestone
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