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    Default Riding the Storm Out weekly raid group

    Is anyone else still looking for anything out of this raid?

    A few players and myself are going to try to get at least 1 weekly run going for this. Pugging this raid can often take a long time and never even fill, so I figured I'd see if anyone out there is actively looking for loot from this raid. Hopefully we can get a decent number of people and figure out a day/time that works for everyone. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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    Just to elaborate further, Stratis and I briefly discussed running this regularly starting this fall. We would help you get electricity absorption items to help mitigate the damage taken.

    Here is a walkthrough of it:

    This may be part of a larger organized "off-raid" night, since raids are generally run on Wed & Sat/Sun on Khyber, we would probably either do this earlier in the day on Saturday or on a weeknight, so as not to interfere with previous obligations. As part of an "off-raid" night, we may also plan other lesser run raids as well, but for now we are starting with RSO.

    - Jobus
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