I sugested and debated on another section of the forum about creating new Fortification Augments superior to 100%, could we get 120%, 150%, 170% and so on? I mean some of the newest level 29 loot has even 2 slots, why not make a new tier of Augments? Not just fortification, but new options at higher level and apropriate to the current chalenges of the end game( Monsters in Legendary Tempest spine can kill you in seconds if you have a lesser fortification?) and even put the new options on the store like the current ones, because people always charge a high price for those old augments on A/S houses, i prerffer to use some points sometimes than waste a ton of shards or platinum on those old stuff.

I am planning a bracer of slavers fortification since we dont have those augments... but i still see room for them, for sure.