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5 options for "I like your bastard sword" and 1 option for "I like the current greatsword" and nothing else is a skewed poll. You could have at least thrown in a "I don't like either option. I'd prefer something else (explain below)". To allow for an open minded discussion.

I think, even ignoring trolls, there is a fairly sized contingent that is not happy with the current great sword but does not see your bastard sword (or possibly any bastard sword) as a worthy alternative.
There aren't five options for "I like your bastard sword" though...... an item being overpowered is a complaint, though there should be an option for "I like neither" but unfortunately I did not include that, though when I posted this I did feel like it was missing an option.

The main objective of the poll was to get opinions on the flaws in the concept of the one I designed.