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    Quote Originally Posted by SirValentine View Post
    Do I need to? Some of them have already been mentioned in the thread, including by you. But I can repeat some, if you insist. Lower normal XP. Lower Reaper XP.

    I'm not sure why anyone would want to tell people they should never bank levels, and especially why someone would falsely claim it's not useful. It is clearly useful to some people in some situations. If it's not useful to you, or the OP, that's fine. I certainly don't insist that people always bank levels as long as possible, or even at all. But they should know the option is there.

    As long as the OP or any other readers understand what the game mechanics are, then they can make the choice for themselves. Telling them they are harming themselves by doing something that could gain them benefits is pretty dishonest, IMO.
    As long as they understand the game mechanics. It's funny you should say that since your claim about lowered normal exp is, and has been shown to be, false under the game mechanics of epic. A base level 20 quest can be completed by a level 23 character and still receive bravery. A base level 21 quest can be completed by a level 25 character and still receive bravery. A level 26 character in a base level 21 quest wont receive bravery, but neither will they take a penalty to their exp. They will still receive the full first run bonus, if applicable, the daily bonus, if applicable, and will not receive an over level penalty, nor a power level penalty if someone higher level should be in the quest. So in no way is their normal exp lowered. You tried to refute Matuse's claim which, although very pointed, was backed by factual game mechanics. You claim there are reasons. What reasons? Uhh, reasons. Game mechanic reasons? Yeah. Game mechanic reasons that don't support your claimed reason? [Crickets]. I brought up reaper, which uses the same game mechanics from level 1 through 30, and doesn't really apply to a question framed as "Some basic questions about Epic levels" in the context of the OP's question about whether they need to continue to bank levels in epic like they are currently doing in heroic. The game mechanics don't support that need. How? Well, I've given you reasons based on actual game mechanics. You claim others have given reasons... Except that the majority of the discussion has centered around destinies and the only two rebuttals to Matuse's post have been yours, which claimed reasons but didn't give (and has yet to) provide any supporting information based on game mechanics to support why one would want to bank a level, and Niminae's which was incorrect based on game mechanics. Unlike you, I have provided the game mechanics, as did Matuse, to support why it is unnecessary to bank levels in epics. Matuse said there is no reason, I said there is little reason, we both supported that with factual information. You rebutted with reasons and to support your reasons you claim reasons. If you want to claim there is a reason to bank a level then support that claim with game mechanics, specify the reason don't just claim reasons, otherwise you're just spreading false or misleading information.

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    OP, on the banking epic levels vs not banking them, especially as someone new to the game, I wouldn't worry too much about doing something wrong.

    Whereas in Heroics, everyone is usually making sure they stay within 2 levels of the quests so they can do the BraveryBonus/Elite Streak, very rarely do you see epic groups worried about them, especially after level 25.

    And there is SO MUCH XP in Epic areas/quests that you will get to level 23 to 24 very quickly, even you do everything on Epic Normal.

    A poster has popped up on this thread that seems to just want to Nitpick some advice with technicalities. You can learn those technicalities later if you get into the Past Life grind.

    For now, enjoy the epic levels and don't worry about banking Epic levels for your first time through.

    You only need 600,000XP to get to level 21 and then 1,250,000 to get to level 22. and then 1,950,000 to get to 23. There's not going to be any Elite streak you are going to miss out in epics you take those three levels as soon as you can... and again Epic Elite for a first time toon in Epics is going to be somewhat brutal.

    You can learn the nuances later, so try to have fun and don't worry about banking Epic stuff until you decide if you want to start the Epic/TR Reincarnation grind.

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