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    Two things spring to mind that players have been asking for:-

    1) Server Merge
    2) Slavers deconstruction

    If I was a betting man I would pick no 2
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    It sounded like it was something that Sev could not talk about at the time as it was making its way through channels. That would more seem to be a content world or set of adventures or new systems thing that has to be approved by WotC or such.

    Sorting the TR cache, server merges, and QOL fixes would just be internal qualification.

    So more along the lines of additions that require partner validation:
    -New hub world of greyhawk/spelljammer/darksun coming in expansion
    -Classic modules X coming to DDO
    -New class/race
    -Updated partner engine licensing for AI/Physics/Graphics type stuff

    Personally I'm hoping for an L15/L30 new world area that iconics can select and the L15 has special hooks to help pull in new players and teach 'em how to play while showing off the content/play variations across DDO.
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