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    Default Update 39 Preview 2: Main Thread

    EDIT: Update 39 Preview 2 has ended. Thank you to everyone who took the time to try things out! If you haven't already, we would love it if you took the extra time to provide any and all feedback of anything from the preview that you have thoughts on in their appropriate threads.

    The second preview of Update 39 is now open to players! This preview includes most, but not all, features expected to go be released with Update 39 in various states of construction and polish. This second preview is expected to remain open until sometime in the evening (EST) of Thursday July 12th.

    Core Feature Threads

    In addition to the above primary features the following list of miscellaneous changes and bug fixes should be true in this preview:

    • Feats
      • The following feats now display their total current calculated DC's on their tooltip:
        • Trip
        • Stunning Blow
        • Improved Trip

      • Followers of more recent Deities now properly get DR when they reach level 20
        • Aureon: Cold Iron
        • Blood of Vol: Good
        • Helm: Adamantine
        • Olladra: Cold Iron
        • Onatar: Cold Iron
        • Silvanus: Silver
    • Classes
      • Artificer
        • Renegade Mastermaker: Paragon Body should now reduce spell failure properly on Warforged characters.
        • Arcanotechnician: 5th Core ability now properly requires 18 Artificer levels.
      • Cleric
        • Radiant Servant: Altruism now correctly provides +10 Positive Spell Power
      • Fighter
        • Stalwart Defender: Counterattack no longer erroneously requires Character Level 12.
      • Monk
        • Henshin Mystic: Cores 2-5 now list the correct amount of melee power in their tooltips.
    • Epic Destinies
      • Legendary Dreadnought
        • Pulverizer tooltip no longer erroneously claims that it does not affect Handwraps.
      • Draconic Incarnation
        • Energy Sheathe's icon on the buffbar has been changed so you can more easily determine which element you are protected from.
    • Spells
      • The tooltip of Heal, Mass has been fixed to state it's accurate Max Caster Level of 25.
      • Teleport now goes to a new location - the Lower Necropolis! This includes the Human Dragonmark of Passage version!
    • Miscellaneous
      • Action Boost: Haste now gives the advertised values of attack speed for ranged characters"

    • Disciples of Rage Quests
      • Madness of Crowds: Multiple enemies no longer drop empty treasure bags.
      • Night Falls on Stormreach: Fixed an issue where the Night Manager would sometimes close a gate instead of opening it when two people were talking to him at the same time."
      • Night Falls on Stormreach: Fixed an issue where the riot might not start if you killed the caster boss too quickly.
      • Age of Rage: One of the four false rocks at the start was unable to be clicked. This is now fixed.
      • Age of Rage: The caged bear is now actually too fat to leave it's cage.
    • Older Quests
      • Flagging for Ascension Chamber should no longer stop progressing after having reincarnated and holding a Completed Sigil. Characters in a state where their flagging progression had been broken should be able to talk to Rohine and be able to progress normally.
      • Haunted Halls of Eveningstar: The Doppleganger puzzle now waits for the player to use the first door in the dungeon to set itself up. This should limit the possibility of the Doppelganger failing to spawn.
      • Black Loch: Total visual revamp of Black Loch, with an aim of improving performance and aesthetics.
      • Yester Hill: Work has been done to reduce performance issues.
      • The Curse of Strahd: Strahd's Chamber is now a no D-Door zone
      • Oath of Vengeance: The Harpies at the top of the tower should now more reliably fly down to attack targets.
      • Grim and Barret: A secret door can no be detected by all appropriate methods instead of just some.
      • Grim and Barret: A typo in the questgiver's dialog has been fixed.
      • The Battle for Eveningstar: Fixed a visual issue with the Bebelith's death.
      • The Portal Opens: The Goristro at the end now leaves at the end as intended.
      • Wheloon: Fixed an issue where certain sounds in Wheloon wouldn't turn off when you left the area.
      • The Storm Horns: The drop rates of venison from deer and fox tails from foxes has been significantly increased.
      • It is now easier to see through the foggy areas in the following quests:
        • Breaking the Ranks
        • What Goes Up
        • A Break in the Ice
      • A Study in Sable: One of the secret doors is now easier to find.
      • Enemy Within and Made to Order should now accurately specify in the objectives panel what you are required to slay.
      • Chamber of Rahmat: The location of two collectable nodes has been altered.
      • The Chronoscope: Previously frustratingly unbreakable objects can now be broken.
      • Kings Forest: Has had some aesthetic work done on it.
      • Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!: The Quori-Forged Key can now be destroyed by dragging it out of your inventory to prevent it from becoming stuck in your inventory

    • The following items no longer erroneously grant both Doubleshot AND Doublestrike as opposed to the appropriate one:
      • Mythic Muffled Veneer
      • Dynamistic Quiver
      • Fellblade
      • Coffin Nail
      • Epic Quiver of Alacrity
      • Trapsmith's Crossbow
      • First Blood
    • The Ravenloft Set Bonus icons and tooltip text adjusted slightly for clarity.
    • Van Richten's Cane, both Heroic and Legendary, no longer erroneously causes 5% Arcane Spell Failure
    • Almond-Coated Shadow Apples and Darkswirl Caramel Bites now grant Festive bonuses, as described
    • Alchemical Intimidate potions now grant their listed bonus.
    • The Augment "Deconstructor" no longer erroneously states that it is Minimum Level 26.
    • Platemail of Strahd has had a visual issue when worn by Dragonborn resolved.
    • Slave Lords crafting now displays the appropriate amount of Quality attributes in the vendor (+1 for Heroic and +4 for Legendary)
    • The text of the Cowardly Sentient Jewel now matches the voice recording.
    • The Prowess set now grants the intended +75 Melee Power instead of the +100 left over from an early preview of Ravenloft.
    • The "On Spell Cast" damage effects from Lantern Ring and Resonation are less likely to ever apply to allies now.
    • Gulthias Staff will now drop with the material type: Wood
    • Named items that drop in the Red Fens after the update goes live will be Bound to Account instead of Bound to Character

    Daily Dice
    • On Gold Daily Dice rolls, Titan's Grip and Alchemical Intimidate potions now drop in stacks of 3.
    • Bigby's Hands no longer appear in Tier 8 of the Gold Daily Dice table.
    • A few cosmetics were appearing in both Tier 7 and Tier 8 of the Gold Daily Dice tables; this has been fixed.
    • Three brand-new cosmetics have been added to the Gold Daily Dice tables!

    • The effect "Epic Ward" no longer displays the same examination icon and VFX as "Death Ward" to avoid confusion.
    • Rest and Resurrection Shrines can no longer be stood on top of.
    • The NPC Dialog box is no longer locked to the middle of the screen. It should, instead, open in the location of the screen that it was last closed on.
    • Fixed a typo in Elminster's dialog in Eveningstar.
    • Mephits no longer continue to make a wing-flapping noise after they are dead.
    • A bunch of miscalleneous work has been done on Griffin monsters.
    • Reapers no longer erroneously slow Melee Attack speed.
    • Djinni and Efreeti particles will now die when the monster does...with a little puff.
    • Salamanders would sometimes get stuck facing the wrong way sometimes permenantly, this is now fixed
    • Eveningstar: Has had some aesthetic work done on it.
    • There are 12 new recipes available on the Mysterious Remnant Vendor:
      • Cosmetic Helms:
        • Crimson Crown of Wave
        • Verdant Crown of Wave
      • Cosmetic Outfits:
        • Xorian Cultist Robe
        • Lighter Xorian Cultist Robe
      • Cosmetic Pets:
        • Crayfish Certificate
        • Red Crayfish Certificate
        • Blue Crayfish Certificate
        • Ghost Crayfish Certificate
        • Galaxy Crayfish Certificate
      • Cosmetic Pet Tricks:
        • Crayfish Treat - Teach Dance
        • Crayfish Treat - Teach Tail Stand
        • Crayfish Treat - Teach Jump

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    Tell me about any and all bugs you encounter by clicking here!

    NOTE: Submitting a bug in this manner is not a quick fix for past occurrences; it is instead a means of bringing issues to our attention to prevent future occurrences for both you and others. Providing detailed information, especially specifics about your account and character as well as what steps you took leading up to the issue, are critical to us being able to pinpoint the cause of any problems you have encountered.

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