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    Default DDOcast 525 - Slayer Areas pt 2

    This week we continue our Slayer Area discussion with Evilbeeker!

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    Game News - 1:23
    Community News - 9:59
    Lightning Post - 15:05
    The Sister Contract - 21:23
    Slayer Areas pt 2 - 33:52

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    Another unique feature of Menechtarun is all the red/pink - compare vs. all the other explorer areas & it seems to have used up almost the entire supply

    The way mummy rot works now is that if you don't cure the disease in the initial infection stage, it becomes full-blown mummy rot that requires curse removal then remove disease/heal/panacea afterwards or the disease will reappear - previously there was no pre-infection stage. Disease immunity used to not work against rot but it does block the initial stage so now paladins are effectively immune once more. There's still mummy's curse as a separate effect though that halves incoming positive energy healing which can apply even if you have disease immunity, but does nothing to block repair spells if you benefit from them.

    I like that they changed the orchard to let shield parts have a chance to drop in the rare chests, since many of those shields still hold up well even against some of the newest gear - Talon in particular is a great dps shield if you're a vanguard & fanion is a good option for arcane casters to get some extra PRR & MRR since it has no ASF. All of the shields also have unique appearances for making cosmetics, particularly Death's Door for the wannabe death knights.

    I try to make a point of taking a stroll through the subterrane - to find Garamol, the secret is to look at the runes... if there's a single one on one side that looks like a sideways G, that's the direction you need to go, just keep following along until you get to a portal that needs a switch to activate & go through that. It's still a good farm, as stuff like sunblades & mace of smiting can be found there which are very old pieces of gear that hold up really well for lower levels & make great TR gear or AH/ASAH material for raising some funds.

    You need 3 of the gems from the 6 explorer areas to get into the eerie forest & the gems from the end chest of the 3 reaver's refuge quests are only needed to get into the stealer of souls quest itself (and can red door the quest with an opener present). To get the vampire rare, you have to kite rats onto his altar & kill them there to wake him up, which I'm pretty sure is a mechanic unique to that one place, pretty cool for flavour - it takes something like 6 I think but I'm not certain, though narration will tell you that it's working.

    Stormhorns is a fun area, another interesting enemy type with the harpies since they have some AI that will behave differently & cooperatively depending on the number of them present. The red dragon has unique dialogue if you're wearing red dragonscale "how dare you come before me wearing the skins of my brethren!" which will bypass the normal intimidate & diplomacy options. The messages in the epic version are my favourite as the evil wizard just sounds progressively more & more exasperated with his idiot minions.
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    Nice work on the submission, must have taken a lot of work to put together!
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