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    Default Siberys Dragonshards for a returnee

    Hey everyone,

    So basically I've recently returned to DDO after a 3/4ish year break- and ofc with all the updates/changes my main character(s) are a bit outdated etc- so I wanted to respec some feats so I can use this character until I can TR him.

    Any spare/excess dragonshards or fragments people have and could send me would be greatly appreciated- I'm afraid I don't have much I could trade for them as everything i've got is a bit old etc plus I don't really know the value of stuff atm- (lootgen seems to be a lot better )

    Name on Argo is Ashaern Klisk
    (I'm picking him up from lvl 14- so I think I need an exceptional or flawed shard or something like that?)

    Thanks for any help/offers
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    I can hook you up with whatever shards you need.

    Are you online now or can be tonight? I just got online.

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    Welcome back.

    When you've worked out what changes to make, check to see if you've already done the Hall of the Mark quest in the Marketplace. It gives a free feat respec token first time through each life.

    If you are making changes, be sure to pay attention to feat prerequisites and minimum levels. You'll want to be sure that whatever you want to swap in will actually fit at that level point and with your other feat choices (both current and the ones planned for higher levels).

    Also, take a look through your charcter's inventory to make sure it hasn't picked up a free heart of wood before trying to change feats with tokens/shards.

    Take care.
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