I have 3 separate accounts:
1) my original account where I bought everything then re-subscribed to VIP for a year.
2) my second account where I bought nothing except for a 1 month subscription to get premium, then purchased a 3 month subscription to try and unlock artificer (couldn't do it so I bought it).
3) my free account to see exact prices I am missing out on due to temporary subscription.

Standing Stone Games needs to stop punishing those who pay for temporary subscriptions.... I would like to have the option of having rental right to use the gnome race and buy it outright even though I have free and TEMPORARY access to it. Add in the option to buy anything (races, classes, adventure packs, etc..) with a clear note that this feature is free to use while you are a subscriber. It is not much different from tracking all purchases made while I wasn't a subscriber then ignoring them while I am VIP then going back to "hey this premium player paid for this already so we can't sell it to him/her again".
Come on either offer VIP players permanent a coupon code on request for any price of a sale item or save the hassle and add a note that reads:
a) you own this sale item already.
b) you have free access to this item while you are VIP but you could pay for it anyway
c) you are not VIP and do not own this so you will gain access to it by buying it now.

Refusing to let a person spend money because they have "free" access to something is only sensible if you want to keep them paying "rent" but... Do I really want to keep spending money that will only keep me spending money when there are a 100 different but similar games that I could purchase outright with the full content and then play free?