Hi folks,
(Wasn't sure where to put this and new posting...)
I've been mulling around w/EK idea since I started DDO circa 2010. Coming from a PnP background as DM and player from AD&D, 3.0/3.5ed, and 3.75(Pathfinder) I liked the idea of EK (DMG), but it was weak, Duskblade (PHB2) was great fun, and Magus (Pathfinder Ultimate Magic) was also fun.
So I wanted to combine them w/DDO by taking EK and splashing w/AA and Kensai mostly.
(Despite the word Sword used, not restricted to them, and open to axes, clubs, etc.)
Critiques welcome:

Eldritch Knight

1.(1) Eldritch Strike (as EK, 5sp, Cooldown 15secs), 0.5 Universal Sp Power per pt, 1% D/Strike per core
2.(3) Morphic Sword (as AA)
3.(6) Metalline Sword (as AA)
4.(12) Aligned Sword (as AA)
5.(18) Eldritch Sword (as AA Shadow but D/strike). Passive: +1 Competence bonus to Critical Damage Multiplier.
6.(20) Eldritch Master: +2 (1 of Cha/Int/Str/Dex), 10% D/Strike, +10 Melee and Sp Power, +10 Univ. Sp Power

Tier 1
1. Imp.Mage Armour (as EK)
2. Toughness (as EK)
3. Elemental Sword (as AA Elemental Arrows, incl. Force)
4. Magical Defense: +2/4/6 MRR
5. Battle Mage (as EK), +T3 +1 Att/Dmg

Tier 2
1. Imp. Shield (as EK)
2. Martial Training (as EK)
3. Elemental Sword II (as AA Elemental Arrows, incl. Force)
4. Defense Training (2AP, Choose): Shield or Light Armour prof, no ASF
5. Wand and Scroll Mastery (as EK)

Tier 3
1. Arcane Barrier (as EK)
2. Crit. Mastery (as Kensai, 2AP?)
3. Elemental Sword III (as AA Elemental Arrows, incl. Force)
4. Defense Training (2AP, Choose): Shield or Light Amour prof, no ASF
5. Stat (as EK Wiz/Sorc)

Tier 4
1. Eldritch Magic (as AA Soul Magic)
2. Opportunity Attack (as Kensai)
3. Elemental Arrow IV (as AA Elemental Arrows, incl. Force)
4. Defense Training (2AP): Medium Armour prof, no ASF (Requires Light Armour prof only, shield opt)
5. Stat (as EK Wiz/Sorc)

Tier 5
1. Tenser's Transformation (as EK)
2. Eldritch Power (2AP) 1.+10 Melee and Sp Power, 2. 10% D/Strike, 3. 10% Melee Alacrity (Action boost bonus to Alacrity?).
3. Imp.Elemental Sword (as AA Imp.Elemental Arrows)
4. Eldritch Armour (2AP)- 10%/20%/30% Chance on Being Hit: 1d6 force dmg per char/lvl, (and knocking prone 1 sec.?) (Activation Cost: 60/40/20 Sp pts. Cooldown: 60/45/30 secs)
5. (Choose 1- 2AP) Eschew Materials, Extend Spell, or Displacement Sla (as Warlock ES)