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    Default DDOCast 524 - Slayer Areas pt 1

    This week we kick off a new discussion topic on Slayer Areas with our guest Evilbeeker!

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    I tend to prefer the older landmark approach to finding the explorer spots since you can look in the quest log & see what each of them is called, giving you a clue of what to look out for, whereas just having the numbered clicky messages requires you to comb the map a lot more, particularly if you don't already know your way around or are using a map from ddowiki.

    I'll usually do a once-round to get the explorers & a first load of kills, then I might do an extra bit to get the next slayer objective, but I generally won't go much beyond that for the heroic ones - though naturally it depends on the area & the routes to quests since you can usually pick up a decent number just on your way from place to place. Sometimes I'll try to hunt down specific encounters, usually for rarer enemy types in the monster manual as it can be really easy to get hunter deeds for some of them; eg. flesh golem you only need a single kill to get the first one.

    I like the red fens & the sound effects in that one muddy area can be hilarious if you have a juvenile sense of humour like me.

    Ataraxia's Haven is one of my favourites, it's a nice balance of size, mob density, number of enemy types & I'm still holding out for Arboth's reappearance as an actual dragon.

    Barovia is amazing for it's atmosphere, but it can be a nightmare to find all the messages - getting the tokens from the chests out there is nice though and the spawn rates on those encounters is usually pretty good. If you've got the time to spare, it can definitely be worth it to do the run to the quests rather than taking the teleporter as if you're lucky & get one of those buff altars, it should carry over into the quest which can make life a lot easier.
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