Just coming back to voice some disappointment that no adventure packs are on sale this week, December 14-21. I was hoping for at least one, after the great Slaver's sale last week. I can only hope that this is the calm before the storm. I'm a newbie non-VIP who owns little content, ready and waiting to open my wallet for you SSG! Let's make those great pack sales happen, 'tis the season!

If the DDO Season Pass had included ownership of all previously released content, they would have just made $300 of me, though I suppose they sold out so it doesn't particularly matter If they fix it so that VIPs can partake in sales of packs, they will gain a new VIP as well. A simple "Are you sure you want to buy this? You already have access to this content as a VIP" pop-up is all that is needed. There are lots of ways to further monetize this thing.