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    Default Late start on sentient weapons Part II

    Also weighing making a level 20 sentient melee weapon. If I can scare up a sacrificial dagger with a +4 mythic bonus I think it'd be a good vehicle for it.

    One approach would be to build it as melee power uber alles. For instance
    sucker punch melee power +5, hit and damage +1 with +2 PRR, +5 more melee power set bonus
    so +10 melee power +1 hit/damage/ +2 prr with just 2 filigree
    to go to 4, add one against many hit/damage and melee power, +5 more melee power set bonus
    at 6 add long shadow for more of the same
    at 7 add prowess melee power or could add another long shadow piece to get the weapon proc if that's better than 5 more melee power

    All told its +35 melee power, +3 to hit/damage +6 prr

    Compare with prowess set-5, sucker punch-2
    melee power 20, but the on action boost thing for +75 for 10 seconds. and the +2 action boosts.
    How hard would the respective 2 sets be to assemble relatively? Are prowess pieces a lot rarer since that set is 'rare'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValariusK View Post
    How hard would the respective 2 sets be to assemble relatively? Are prowess pieces a lot rarer since that set is 'rare'?
    From what I've seen, Prowess is that rare. I've seen a few pieces around (I think I have three now?) but I have yet to see a rare Prowess filligree, and you'd need a whole set.

    Flip side, I don't play a ton and I've seen a few people with full or near-full Prowess sets. I imagine if you run a lot of Ravenloft, by the time you get to 7 slots on your fresh Sentient you'll probably have most of them. You can also check the AH/ASAH, I recently bought one for a steal of only 200k plat lol.
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    I don't think prowess are all that rare. However finding a (rare) version of one could take some time, and these do often go for more on the AHs.

    My 2 cents on the weapon choice, if you can wait it out til level 21 a Drow Dagger might be a better choice. The Sacrificial Dagger's bread and butter is giving out negative levels, in which case your melee power doesn't matter as much. Drow dagger, with the expanded crit profile and higher base damage, will benefit more from the extra melee power.
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