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    Default Xoriat Asylum Escapees is Recruiting

    Xoriat Asylum Escapees is a newly (as of today) renamed Guild that is currently recruiting to rebuild its roster. Everyone has left the Guild over time except me.

    We are Guild Level 88 and have a Daedalean Kraken airship with full amenities. The Guild will add anyone that wants to join: new or experienced, casual or hardcore, main toon or alts. I managed to recruit seven new players in only two hours this evening. We will build from there and soon add a Guild website with a schedule of raids, but casual/solo players can continue to go about their business as they see fit.

    Let's give the Barbarians Guild a run for their money. Send a message to Radicaltop in-game and I will send you a Guild invite.

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    Update less than 24 hours later: we have 30 new Guild members. Send me a message when you are ready to join.

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    We have a Guild website now if anyone is interested in visiting:

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    Xoriat Asylum Escapees has reached 600 active Guild members (more than 900 accounts total) in about six months of recruiting, starting from one player (me).

    Not bad, if I do say so myself.

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