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    Default Need a scourge life build. Either Druid or Monk.

    Looking for a scourge life build to get my third scourge life done. Already have 3 ranger lives so don't need those. I do however need monk lives and/or druid lives. If there are any current good builds with druid or monk as main I would appreciate it. Also I very much prefer not having to use any LR hearts, so at least 1 level of ranger if possible. Thanks in advance!

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    * edit - lol didn't;t realise I was necroing a thread from months ago.. ah well, maybe it helped someone.

    12 monk / 6 ranger / 2 whatever (pally? wiz?) for pew pew many shot & 10k stars burst build? Could also build it for shuriken thrower too.

    18 monk /1 FvS /1 ranger? If you want more monk melee.

    Probably safer to keep monk to at least 16 levels (unarmed dice, quivering palm @ 15) or 18 (grand master of forms), WIS focused, stunning fist and whirlwind a must, don't dump con.

    I am actually just now running a scourge monk right now, but I am going 10 fighter/9 monk/1 ranger for fighter PL.

    I'm going to do this 3x for the PL's, with current variant being WIS focused, but in fire stance for crit damage from master of forms, easy self healing with Jidz bracers, falconry stance (but until I have the AP I am just using KtA). Only started on this today, but very easy to solo r1's w/BB so far.

    YMMV oc

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