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    Default Lava Divers R10 Shroud

    The guild voted to do R10 Shroud this weekend as our challenge raid and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Malhavic, Jennafer, Eightball, Ying, Bisty, Epicsoul, PJ, Rhyse, Stitchz, Healina, and, our friend from Crimson Eagles, Jess for jumping in and staying up all night for us when our guild mate Hopey had an emergency.

    This was alot of fun to accomplish and up next the guild will be voting on R10 MoD, R10 FoTP, and R7 PN for our next project.

    Khyber -- Proud Leader of Lava Divers -- Benton, Fastlain, Gord, Ehlonna others.

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    How much total platinum do you think was spent at the repair guy before Part 4??

    Well done, btw!
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