Are you running a small guild that just isn't growing and would like to be part of something larger? Come join KAOS, level 175.

We're looking for new, returning, and active members to fill ranks. We are open to absorbing or working with small guilds to help out all in what seems like a dwindling world.

If you're interested in a guild merger, guild leader, asst. guild leader, and up to two officers will be promised officer positions, All members, same as with ours, will be given a chance at promotion based on merit and commitment. After some time, we would be willing renegotiate a new guild name to reflect your passion in what could be considered a new high level guild. We are round table for the most part. Any details can be discussed in game or through Discord before decisions are made. We'd like to play together some first too, to make sure we click.

As of right now, raid nights are Monday 9:30 EST. We would like to add a second night on Friday. The nights are negotiable based on what's best for everyone.

Let's grow our families.