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    Default Nice build

    I had a similar build with Rogue8/Barbarian/Fighter. Tried other combos for max hp and heal amp with shield and other hubub...

    Later on tried Vistani and saw all the trees were joke compared to it. (Was Inquisitive later on and now will be Alchemist) Base dodge and active Improved Uncanny dodge is also a lame joke. Vistani avoidance and dps pull out more and aoe effect.

    Vistani 41 dominated the build; meanwhile, Fighter and Paladin prr/mrr/hp is only good with largest shields and heavy armors. No evasion. No other best rogue special feats. AC is joke. Items and Epic destinies dominated.

    Turned said build in to TWF and suddenly it turned tankier by means of active tanking; more dps more hate. +%20-30 hp from wannabe tank trees and even destinies meant nothing. AC meant nothing. Prr/mrr did not scale well.

    Furthermore going stealth mode hillariously created more aggro than anything else. Lol.

    Best tank/dps/caster build will most probably be Vistani/Inquisitve/Alchemist multi tree builds for some (a long) time .

    Have a nice game.
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