I'm not much of a melee player, being a spellcaster at heart.

One of my alts I decided to sit at cap for a long while, cause I find it enjoyable, but I need some advice for it..

It's a 15 Paladin / 5 Ranger Aasimar Scourge that dual-wields Bastard Swords.

I'm holding 30 right now as I try to sort out the optimal way to combine my Scion feat and my Filigree choices.

Prowess Set doesn't work well cause I'm not using any Action Boosts
Beast's Mantle looks appealing, but I assume that Slashing damage is subject to DR?
Celerity isn't too shabby (although the individual fili won't help much) and would allow me to drop Blinding Speed
Blood Feast is just with no Rage (is it worth wearing gear that grants rage?)
Enlightened Step is all useful stuff, but it seems kinda weak for 5 pieces
Long Shadow looks decent up to 3-piece

TLDR - I'm not seeing a set that really grabs me.

Scion choices:
Again, all seem so-so, the Elemental ones grant some extra elemental damage but nothing else of substance, and it's based on Spell Power not Melee Power
Limbo has some nice perks, but so random
Arborea is some decent melee bumps, although nothing useful from the Force aspects.

TLDR - Again, not seeing anything super-great, leaning to Arborea here

I did see one synergy that caught my eye, but not sure it's worth it -- If I grabbed Scion of Air (a little dodge and elec damage add) and wore the Electrocution set...would I get double electric? It's only 3 pieces (4 if I want the sheath permanently) allowing me to pick up another 4(3) piece set as well.

Is there some combo I'm missing that's a no-brainer?