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    Default Axel's DDO Channel: Is Reaper Mode a Success?

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    FYI, I love Reaper mode!
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    Well, I made it to the 12 minute mark before I couldn't take it any longer.

    Unfortunately, I feel you have "The ear of the developers" more than the average player. I will agree with you that they need to add more "Reaper only" cosmetics to chase.

    Self-healing - Meh. Learned to work around it like most players have. Will agree that it has encouraged grouping, even if it's an AI.

    Death - Learned to work around it.

    Damage reduction - Mostly/entirely negated with gear and power creep. Honestly only hurts players who go solo.

    XP - This is Reapers "Golden Egg" and why it has become the standard, not Elite.
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    They have been tweaking the game since I started and often I disagree with them. They focus on wrong stuff, over or under compensate and abandon too much stuff. Every once in awhile they get something right, if only temporarily.

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