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    Default Announcing Reaper Life 2!

    I am very excited to announce my 13th series! Reaper Life 2 is the sequel to last summer's Reaper Life series.

    We had so much fun during the first series that before it ended we already knew we wanted to do RL2. Things finally came together with a 6 person group featuring 4 original Reaper Life members and 2 new members!

    Reaper Life 2 will follow me and 5 guildies through a 1-20 life of us challenging ourselves with content on higher difficulties than we've ever attempted. All videos will be high skull quests at base normal level for max reaper xp, with nothing below R7 and several R10s and we are challenging ourselves to get 1000 skulls of questing done by the time we hit level 20, without banking more than 1 level.

    In the trailer below, the 6 party members are introduced, with some vital stats so you can get to know the crew!

    Just like with the original, one of our goals in RL2 is to demonstrate that high skull heroic reaper quests are not only doable, but can be done without using cheese methods. But most importantly, we are looking forward to the challenge and the fun. You'll get to see our progress since the original series and we hope you'll enjoy our ridiculous banter again!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce and the Reaper Life 2 team

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    Congratz & good luck to you all!
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    Hope extinguished leaves fading memories of better times.

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    All I have to say is Mickydee's (sp?) needs to hand his outfit over to the Bard. That is a serious looking "face" outfit.

    Oh, and enjoy the ride.
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    They have been tweaking the game since I started and often I disagree with them. They focus on wrong stuff, over or under compensate and abandon too much stuff. Every once in awhile they get something right, if only temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbyssalMage View Post
    All I have to say is Mickydee's (sp?) needs to hand his outfit over to the Bard. That is a serious looking "face" outfit.

    Oh, and enjoy the ride.
    There's nothing serious about our bard, lol. is "Face" an A-Team reference?

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