Looking for crafting ingredients (collectables) in sizable quantities - nothing specific.
Like I have plenty of "String or prayer beads" and "Sweet White caps" but need other types for crafting.
I only play 2 days a week on Argo and despite 4 PLs have trouble crafting anything useful, much less complete gear sets.
I am loaded for bear on Thelanis, but arranging trades cross server is a PITA so I'd rather not do that.

Please list on AH or SAC for reasonable price. Quantities of 25 or 50 preferred.
(Read: I'm not asking you to give it away, but 1 item for 100k is of no help to me) Savvy?

This is not a one time request - hoping to get some type of viable trade going for a few weeks at least.
I know there are plenty of people hoarding collectables that can part with 100 of various types without ever missing them.
So do us a solid and post some collectables on the auction houses!