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    Default LWoG Spring Recruitement

    EDIT: spring recruitment is now over. Thanks to all who contacted me via private message and in game. I hope you enjoy your new home with us!

    Guild Name: Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda
    Server: Ghallanda
    Guild Level: 200
    Leader: Nofaec
    Active Accounts: 400+

    When are we actively recruiting: now (25th of April) until the 16th of May.

    We welcome all levels and all styles of play, brand new to the game and 12+ year vets. We actively try to help newer players get into the swing of things as well. We only have 3 simple rules, with respect being the most important. Please check out our website:

    1) Respect (towards all, guildies and non-guildies alike. We are all humans taking time from RL to play this game to have fun, and gaining pleasure from ruining another person's ability to have fun (aka: trolling) will not be tolerated)
    2) Keep chat friendly/clean (no politics, religion, sexism, racism, etc)
    3) Help others when you can

    We prefer you join with your characters that you play/intend to play often, and not bank-toons/mules. We have hit the character limit on guilds before (1000 characters. The game will not allow you to recruit anyone once you reach that number. That is characters, not unique accounts).

    If you're interested in joining our ranks, you can contact me here on these forums (either by responding to this thread or by sending me a private message). Or you can contact me in game (Vryxnr) or any of our recruitment officers when they are online: Romika, Ghouldrool, and Uppsy.
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