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    Default When to start crafting/slotting specific effects

    This thread did a good job addressing when to add certain immunities. I wanted to expand on that.

    When should I start crafting in True Seeing (i.e., when are enemies blurred/displaced)? Persuasion (if/when needed)?

    When does Invulnerability lose its value?

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    Invulnerability loses its luster around level 8, but I usually wear the same invulnerability armor from 1 to 9, then switch to crafted armor at 10. (You can't apply an extra effect to crafted armor until 10.) And then I wear that same ML10 armor until 20.

    I equip True Seeing immediately at level 1 as a permanent item, largely for secret doors starting at level 1. For blurred and displaced enemies, I seem to remember it being earlier than expected last time I leveled without true seeing. Maybe seal of shan-to-kor (levels 3-5)? Or possibly sharn syndicate (level 4)? I could be wrong, as my memory on this point is hazy. (Maybe phiarlan carnival, level 5?)

    If you can craft persuasion, craft it as an ML1 swap item. Maybe Persuasion Goggles of True Seeing if you can't otherwise fit true seeing into your gear?

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