So... has there been significant change regarding this in the last year and a bit? Warpriest still isn't likely to be good with quarterstaves?
I'd thought the favored weapon synergies would've been nice there.

I mean, I thought Aureon / Luck might have been a nice combination for a thief-acrobat, displacement SLA and all. Of course Strength domain is nice too, gets a lot better with reflex saves.

But yeah, not particularly first life friendly anyhow, skills are a bit tight and going with quarterstaves would be a lot easier if you'd stock up on named and other exceptional staves during previous lives... or I suppose other characters.

(And of course there's the part where clerics are pretty much expected to have at least RS burst if not full aura, and even burst is 22 AP, leaving ... not enough for all the fun things... from Warpriest and TA.)