Unlikely Heroes is a level 106 guild that is looking to grow!

We welcome anyone from vets to brand-new players; our only rules are to to be kind to one another and to others, and be a team player when grouping both inside and outside the guild. Our playtime varies, but is generally evenings and weekends Eastern Standard Time

We have currently have 10 active players in our guild, and while we enjoy grouping with each other when it's possible, there simply aren't enough players to make that happen. We are mostly veteran players, some of whom have returned after taking breaks from the game. So you can be sure with our guild Real Life always comes first.

If you would like to join Unlikely Heroes you can send me a PM here, or send me a tell or in-game mail to my main character, Higherangel and we can talk more. If I'm not online, please be patient, I log in nightly around 7pm EST. We accept players of any age; but remind you our rule is to be kind and respect other players. We're welcoming players from all levels of experience; from brand new to DDO to multi-completionist veterans and everything in between.

Can't wait to meet you,