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and my guild ship is all empty below decks now..... how awesome is that!
I was checking out threads during the down time, how sad it is that a main topic of customer service is still around, I gave up on the forms years ago, it was all bash bash bash, and talkn trash to front line techs that are just trying to do what they can. I have been a VIP for a loooooong loooong time, I have put a small cars worth of money into the system via monthly free and t-points in the store.... I stopped caring about the game content and loot tables long ago also, LMAO especially when I played feed the filigree with my old MUST HAVE gear LMAO just a few short weeks ago...... so we can all bash bash on the thread bash bash cycles or just deal with the fact $&#% happens..... I only keep playing because I have run with some very cool peeps out there, and look forward to doing some more.....

well after I get my boat buffs.... lol..... man I remember a buncha bashn because +3 tomes got brought in hahahahahahahahahahaah ahhhhh the good ol days
we have been saved from the buff stealing pirates, thanx to what ever tech did that fix, now I can enjoy bashn some skellyz......

good luck on the forum filtering, another sad thing to see we have been getting troll'd like that, must be WOWer's still jealous we are going 12yrs, good or bad times I will still take DDO, tried others they suck