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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellihor View Post
    A simple solution would berefreshing the first time bonus every day if you are lv 30. If they did that, people would stop doing iconics only to refresh it and play a cap instead, if they wanted to stay there.

    Also, pausing XP potions at raids just like slayer potions are paused in quests would be great.

    And finally, of course, adjusting the RXP for each quest by it's time and difficulty, that would need to be done quest by quest and not just a general system of long, medium and short like it currently is.

    It would also be great to revitaiize content like Storhorns, if they allowed lv 30s to play there without the RXP penality, in a special difficulty that scales the quest like it was a lv 30 quest.

    Meh, first time is supposed to be first time..

    Would rather see first time for each harder difficulty.
    Give each reaper skull a first time bonus as long as each time you complete the next entry has to be a harder one to get the first time bonus.., eg. first time in run R5 and lose the first time for R1-4.
    have to run the lower skulls progressively to get first time on each one.
    Allows players to progress up difficulty while ransack keeps the bonusses inline for rinse/repeat runs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOTMON View Post
    Meh, first time is supposed to be first time..
    If the problem is the name, than change it. Simply: at level 30 you no longer get any first time bonus. But the XP is doulbed for being lv 30. Solves it, people would stop doing TRs they don't need the lives just to get the first ime bonus.

    Some people in cannith are literally burning iconic TRs and when they hit 20 they log a lv 30 box and do lv 30 quest on high skulls with the lv 20 parked at entrace. When they're done the char is almost lv 30, they finish off with daily or slayer or something else and ITR again. This is DDO in 2019... terrible state imho.
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