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    Aarakocra (bird people)
    Pixi (I really want to make a pixi monk.. this little tiny thing that flies around beating people up)
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    This is a bit obvious... Kobolds.

    I have a rather funny little kobold for DnD whom can't speak due to a physical disorder with his tongue, though he can still scream... He is very angry and grumpy all the time while running around in actual heavy gear and using great axe... It's just funny to me and I would love to remake him in DDO if I could.

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    I think I already posted on this thread. but anyway...
    Kobold race and Kobold Shaman as Iconoic Socrerer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokeal_The_Flame View Post
    This list is updated from some data gathered by a poll I ran a while back prior to the introduction of Dragonborn, Gnome and Deep Gnome.

    1 - Thri-Kreen
    2 - Tiefling (Made more dark and aesthetically pleasing in appearance)
    3 - Kobold
    4 - Catfolk or Tabaxi
    5 - Genasi
    6 - Goliath
    7 - Kenku
    8 - Triton
    9 - Yuan-Ti
    10 - Eladrin (Ghaele + Bralani)
    11 - Changelings
    12 - Quorforged
    13 - Inspired
    14 - Duergar
    15 - Arcanaloth/Nycaloth/Mezzoloth/Ultroloth

    Personally, I feel a Tiefling Iconic with Intelligence to hit and damage on their racial enhancement tree would be awesome, call it infernal cunning!
    From this list I would say Tiefling Iconic, Kobold, or Dueger for sure!
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