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    Default Epic + Legendary adventure pack/update instead of Heroic + Legendary?

    I've seen some other threads where people are arguing about needing more low/mid epic level content vs more end game content. So just throwing this idea out there to see what people think. For the past few years each new adventure pack has had a heroic/legendary split. What if they released a pack sometime that was epic/legendary instead, meaning the low version of the quest would be somewhere in the level 20-24 range, and the legendary version being 30+.

    Or as an alternative, release a level 20 heroic pack, kind of like how Lord of Blades and Dreaming Dark are both Level 20 quests, but technically still heroic quests. New up-to-date ML 20 gear, with sentient compatible weapons, but make the xp good enough so that level 18 toons will run it each life. Then of course it could have it's legendary counterpart.

    Just spit-balling some ideas trying to make everyone happy. Feel free to agree, disagree, rip it to shreds, whatever.
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    I do agree we need more low-mid epic level quests but then once you out level the lower epic gear you are gonna turn around and get the epicer gear. personally I think ddo is due for another free update, so how about making a new 3-4 quest chain in the low-mid epic and maybe throw the heroic versions wherever f2p players could use more quests. maybe use it as a spring board into the next story arc they want to do. maybe it can lead into dragon lance, or another of the ravenloft lands cause strahd wasn't the only big bad guy.

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    I'd like it if they could bring the Devil Assault treatment to more quests, e.g. EN/EH/EE at 21/26/31. Don't really care how they handle loot since it's almost never worth it anyway.

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