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Just dropping in to thank you for all the feedback and bug reports. We haven't had time to post much because are very busy fixing things and getting the dungeons ready for this update.

I confess we are behind on bear issues somewhat and haven't had time to re-evaluate some enhancements in view of feedback. That should change soon.

We should have more progress there by next week.

Clarify a few things...

1> Innate attack DCs - The whole use wilderness lore thing had some problems which made us "reset" them as it were. They're not final and we're evaluating what to boost.

2> Beast Rage duration wasn't nerfed as far as I can tell.... (not sure where that 40 seconds came from, maybe an old preview post?) Anyway... that whole line is getting reviewed, as is renewed spirit.

Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad you're still looking at the innate attack DCs. I really encourage you to have druid levels be part of the calculation. It's a good way to make a little dent in the power you get from multiclasing (divine might, feats, martial weapons, tactics boost). Also adding tactics boosts to the 5/6 cores would help.

On the topic of innate attacks, as Edrein noted the cooldowns and SP costs should be looked at also. Some of them (jaws of winter is a good example) have really excessive coldowns.