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    Default Very small guild possibly looking for new members

    Guild Name: Free Spirits
    Guild Type: Small guild with differing play styles
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Maxxximum, Bowhunterr, Mumixxxam
    Recruiting status: Will accept but very picky, looking for adults who freely loot share. Play style is your own, only rule dont be a d-bag!
    About you: If interested contact Maxxximum by private message or by Sarlona mail. Guild population for active players is small, I run typically 4-6 days a week from 6:30PM central until about 9-9:30PM weekdays and play late on Friday and Saturday nights typically. I run fast and hard when XP farming on my main, he's on the racial TR train. (about 1/3 done) After that I will go back to completionist farming for my 2nd toon Bowhunterr. My main is usually a sorc with lots of DPS. Feel free to send me in game mail to pick my brain on sorcerer stuffs, join the guild(i am picky about members), or just to BS and catch up if you are coming back to the game and know me from the past.

    I run anywhere from E to R4 depending groups. Other members prefer to loot farm, run more casually paced lower difficulty dungeons, or are just playing to socialize. Again, the only rule is don't be a d-bag.

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    Default High Lords of Malkier

    It's been a long time since we posted here so I thought I'd update

    Guild Name: High Lords of Malkier
    Guild Type: Adults only, raiding, past life grinding, reaper questing, active players only, grouping and community focused
    Guild Contacts: Gingerspyce (aka Voodu)
    Guild Website:

    Recruiting Status: We have a large, active roster and we fill our own raids pretty well so we don't openly recruit but we sometimes recruit friends who run with us regularly.

    About Us: We are a diverse group of players mostly in our 30's and 40's who raid in the evenings and grind past lives when we're not raiding. We're a larger guild, but still a cohesive community of friends. Our 2 main rules: No drama and treat others with respect. Diversity is a core value of our guild. We are not a teaching guild for beginners who are just getting started in DDO but we are a raiding guild that teaches how to raid. We are mostly US players but we have many Canadians as well as some Australian, European and Brazilian guild members. If you want to run with us and get to know us, the best way is to join our raids. Our Public Raid Schedule is posted in the Sarlona forum.
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    Default Someone Stoled my guild StormtroopersOfDeath

    about 6 months ago I let in someone new into my guild and in the past have been offline a few times for months and sometimes a year at a time because of lack of a PC to play. well once again I lost my ability to log on for about 2 months but this time i log on and find I had been kicked out of my guild. Since i didn't kick myself out i logged on my other characters to find them all kicked off my guild. I asked my friend who i was visiting to log on and see IF he was still in but he was kicked too. This guy i let in somehow took control of my guild and kicked everyone and yes i know about too much time and the leader loses their title in the guild but i had other characters in line for that and in the past i NEVER lost my guild. I had spent a lot of real money to build that guild and spent so much time. all my characters i play is on Sarlona and so was my guild StormtroopersOfDeath. I've also spent a great deal of money on my characters and IF I can't recover my Guild I will stop playing. I may even sell my account here as it's worth a lot of money. I now hate the game i loved so much and been playing since Bata and Preordered my copy with a full year of VIP service! I'm so upset I can't think about it. Does anyone have any ideas how i can save my account and my guild?

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