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    Default Guilds of Sarlona

    Introduce your guild here.

    Guild Name:
    Guild Type: (Heavy, moderate, lite RP. casual, hardcore, whatever)
    Guild website: (if applicable)
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: (is your guild currently accepting members)
    About you: (talk about what makes your guild special, what timezones you mostly play on, whatever you think people who want to know about your guild, want to know!)
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    Name: Exorcists of the Silver Flame

    Type: Light/Moderate Role Playing


    Contacts: For those interested in joining, visit our site forums and view the post in the Recruitment forum for information about how to apply. General contact information: You may mail any of our officers at our site. The officer list is on the left hand side of our home page.

    About Us: We are a family-friendly guild. Many of our members have responsibility outside of the game so we understand that is your highest priority. We cater to mature minded players that choose to explore their dungeon rather than rush through them. Look around our site and forums and see if we are the right guild for you.
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    - Lina Zinona, Minister of Exorcists of the Silver Flame
    A Sarlona server guild

    "Honor and shame from no condition rise;
    Act well your part, there all the honor lies."

    Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

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    Guild Name: Sons of Denzar
    Guild Type: Moderate RP
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Oculus via yahoo or aol as Bastich25, email:
    Recruiting status: accepting new members
    About you: Sons of Denzar is derived from an old 2.0 PnP DnD campaign. All the members are experienced role players either in PnP or other MMOs. All the members are experienced MMO players on a wide variety of games. I personally, have played DAoC, COH (we were all on the Virtue unofficial roleplaying server), and WoW. Plus some smaller non-mainstream MMOs like Tale in the Desert.

    SoD will be moderate RP as we know the limitations and stress that RP-ing can put on someone. Therefore, we will notpunish non-RP-ing behavior (as long as it doesn't get out of hand). Likewise, we don't like RP-ing to get out of hand. If you have a problem with someone in the guild leave it out of the guild unless it is agreed beforehand to be a RP event, of course.

    One thing is that we love joking around. If you cannot take a joke, or are easily offended then this guild is not for you. If you have a problem with something that is said, I always advocate talking it out. If you are high-strung or easily angered, again this guild is not for you.

    Most of us are DnD PnP players, so be prepared for at length discussions about inane DnD rules and things like it .

    Any other questions, just hit me up, I am usually online.

    Oh yeah, most of our members are in the PST time zone, with 2 in Central.

    Classes so far:

    1 Rogue
    1 Paladin
    2 Clerics
    1 Sorceror (me)
    1 Ranger
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    Oculus Mortis, your friendly neighborhood Chaotic Neutral Sorceror, of the Sons of Denzar

    Sorcz 4 lifez

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    Guild Name: Brotherhood of Redemption
    Guild Type: Moderate RP
    Guild Website:
    Guild Contacts: Baranon Lorgard, Justin or Dontal in the land; email or use the appropriate links at our home site.
    Recruiting Status: Not actively, but always open to those who agree with our ideals and tennants.
    About You: The Brotherhood of Redemption originated many years ago as a umm.. mercanary clan. One bent on aiding those in need, though, in the spirit of honour and respect. The clan is close and we expect to hold many events o'er the course of time in the land we call home.
    We are primarily from the Eastern timezone and all are mature adults.. we are not power gamers and spend a goodly amount of time completing quests to enjoy them as a group.

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    Guild Name: The Keepers of the Kingdom
    Guild Type: Moderate RP
    Guild website: We are a branch of the multigame guild of Tigeraxe (
    Guild Contacts: In game - Edmond, Tobias, Grog, Kovic Out of game - PM me or email
    Recruiting status: Accepting New Members
    About you: The Keepers of the Kingdom are based mostly in the Central Time Zone with a majority of USA players. We are good friends joined together either by our PnP group or by friendships made in other games. We are all members of Tigeraxe, a multigame guild that focuses on Loyalty, Honor, and Unity. We are family friendly for the most part and seek those who are more interested in enjoying the game instead of leveling as fast as possible. We are open to all classes and races.

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    Guild Name: Arkhen
    Guild Type: Moderate RP
    Guild website: none
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: accepting new members
    About you: This a a new guild based with people who have been roleplaying for a long time. If your intresed your welcome [contact Email above]. Any one is welcome were not bias on race class whatever. As long as you don't act like a 10 year old and can take a joke your welcome. If an event is scheduled and somthing comes up with whatever all of us understand its just a game and were here to have fun.

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    The Sarlona Server

    Default The Band of the Hand

    Guild Name:The Band of Hand
    Guild Type: moderate
    Guild website: (if applicable)
    Guild Contacts:Kurse Jalorn Alyxandrea
    Recruiting status: Recruiting selectively.
    About you: The Band of the Hand are the actual Anscestoral children of the Original Band of the Hand. Those legendary planes travelling adventurers. The Band have been seen on such far flung worlds as Faerun and Greyhawk as well as others.. until they found their end amongst the war torn landscape of Ebberon. The Grandson of Kurse Darkstone has taken it upon himself to bring forth his family's companions to help in the darkest regions of Stormreach. He Hopes that not only can he make a name for himself and his kindred, but also that he may find a way back to his ancient home.

    (We are a moderate to light RP guild. we are quite small founders numbering 5, hence the name. but will grow as we see fit though will stay small. find me if you are interested in applying or even as an idea for an alliance.)
    Kurse Malekith Darkstone

    Some people are like slinkies.. they are not really good for anything..BUT.. they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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    Default Stormreach Requisition Company

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Paladin
    Introduce your guild here.

    Guild Name:
    Guild Type: (Heavy, moderate, lite RP. casual, hardcore, whatever)
    Guild website: (if applicable)
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: (is your guild currently accepting members)
    About you: (talk about what makes your guild special, what timezones you mostly play on, whatever you think people who want to know about your guild, want to know!)

    Guild Name: Stormreach Requisition Company
    Guild Type: heavy - moderate
    Guildcontacts: yours truely or Bubbadeth or damone
    recruting status: currently accepting general applicants and looking for house heads of rangers and mages
    about you:

    The times being what they are, kobolds in the wine cellars, slimes getting into the plumbing, and ogres just making a general nuisance of themselves, a few hardy adventurers have chosen to seize the opportunity. Through this charter of incorporation, we publicize our intention to pool our efforts and take back the sewers, the crypts, the hell holes and, of course, the wine cellars. (The kobolds really overstepped on that one.) To this end, we establish a Board of Governors, who shall be the controlling body of this brave and heroic company, and designate the office of Chairman, who shall sit as first among equals on the ruling Tribunal. The ruling bodies shall exercise the day-to-day control of this company, for the enrichment of all (and the tough luck of our enemies).

    yours in adventure!
    Lost Legion

    We suck.

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    Joining a different guild
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    Guild Name: AA (Adventures Anonymous)

    Guild Type: Hardcore, Non-RP

    Guild website:

    Guild Contacts: Leave a message on our forums, or send a tell to Azhure, Kenis, Crance, Goontha, Nuug, or myself, Guttlecraw

    Recruiting status: We are not currently recruiting, but there are exceptions

    About you: Our guild was created on the Boulderfist Server in WoW when it was first released. We are a group of RL friends between the ages of 20-28 who live in Califonia, Utah, Texas & one currently in Iraq. We've been looking forward to DDO for a long time, & finally the day has come!
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    I'd personally like a guild that doesn't require me to RP at all in guild chat. Sometimes you just need to kick back... and... I dunno, talk about Chuck Norris.

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    Guild Name: Disciples of Tyrr (DoT)
    Guild Type: moderate
    Guild website: n/a
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: somewhat
    About you:we play eastern, i and friends work quite alot but we are looking for people to play with mainly on the weekends that are into having fun and not wanting to always rush things.

    About guild: Tyrr is the God of victory and justice in mythology, i personally belive in its luck in battle comes to everyone. My friends and i shall be his disciples within this server.
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    Not really a guild, but people looking for one:
    ..|.. ^_^ ..|..

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    Default Ten Ton Hammer guild

    Guild Name: Ten Ton Hammer
    Guild Type: casual
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: visit our website
    Recruiting status: We will be guilding people during Head Start
    About you: Read about us |HERE|

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    Guild Name: Knights of Winter
    Guild Type:Light RP in game Chat, Mostly OOC on Teamspeak server. Mid- Range on Power/Casual status.
    Guild website: I'm working on it, I'm working on it, quit bothering me
    Guild Contacts: Ossain, Caitlynn, Papatuff, Lathian, though on the website only send PM's to Ossain currently.
    Recruiting status: Actively, though we grow slowly as we find others of like mind.
    About you: The Knights are a fairly small core guild though we have chapters on many different MMO's. We are into having fun however we may without hurting others enjoyment. Please feel free to send me, Ossain, a PM if you would like to know more.

    Ossain Tai'Shar
    Knight of Winter

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    Default the Lords of Legend

    Guild Name: Lords of Legend
    Guild Type: lite RP. party-minded members
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Kilgar Flintsteel, Nagaso Terion
    Recruiting status: yes, we are accepting members
    About us: Our goal is to build a guild whose members enjoy lite RP play during party-based adventures.

    The Lords of Legend hopes to provide an organization whose members help each other first - no matter if you are undertaking a large quest or just trying to achieve the next level - You can count on a Lord of Legend!

    Time: We play on Eastern time usually in the evening during the week and earlier, and more frequently, on weekends. Our current membership is a small core group of founders who work different RL shifts so we should be available in-game at different times (as much as RL allows )
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    Guild Name: Chaos Ordained
    Guild Type: CasualGuild website: (if applicable)
    Guild Contacts: TBD
    Recruiting status: Not recruiting at this time.
    About you: Just a group of friends from other games looking for a much more laid back experience. We will have fun, take the game for what it is, and slowly immerse ourselves and enjoy the content. If we have spaces in our groups, you'll be gladly offered a place.

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    Guild Name: Knights of Arcadia
    Guild Type: Moderate for most, light to none for guild.
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Message Chathyra Sunfire here or in game. Contact me at the above website for out of game.
    Recruiting status: Accepting Members
    About you: The Knights originally started on Dark Iron in WoW as a way for the fans of cartoon websites Penny Arcade and PvPOnline to meet and fight each other. We still are the largest alliance guild there and hope to spread the gatherings here.

    We will be stressing assistance to guild members first and newer players second. Should there be enough members to promote them, we will be running events of our own, as we have in other worlds.

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    Default Stormreach Explorer's League

    Guild Name:Stormreach Explorer's League
    Guild Type: lite RP. casual
    Guild website: Stormreach Explorer's League
    Guild Contacts:Vaehlyn or Jandrys
    Recruiting status: We are currently accepting members
    About you: We are a family type guild that likes to take our time with quests, explore what the game has to offer, make friends/alliances along the way, and to have fun doing this. With our guild, real life issues take precedence above all else.
    Vaehlyn, Dwarven Cleric
    Founding Member & Officer of the Stormreach Explorer's League

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    Default The Lords of Quindia

    Guild name: Lords of Quindia
    Guild type: Adults, mostly PnP players
    Guild Website: Lords of Quindia
    Guild Contacts: Zorono
    Recruiting Status: accepting members
    About You: Quindia was our homebrewed campaign world since the late 70's. I was really young back then, but a few of us get together every week for a PnP session. I've been gaming with a lot of the folks in this guild for years, but we've joined forces with some of our digital friends and we're ready to hit Sarlona. It will be great adventuring with all of you.

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