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    Las Cruces, NM

    Talking The Wee Wump-Wumps!

    Guild Name: The Wee Wump-wumps!
    Guild Type: Heavy RP, Halflings only!
    Guild website: We'll see how this goes first!
    Guild Contacts: P.M. Me if you are interested!
    Recruiting status: Yes! Halflings only!
    About you: We are a guild dedicated to showing the rest of Eberron just what it is that makes Halflings so superior to everyone else! We fear no stereotypes, shy away from no class! Our guild is named for our battle-cry "Weeeeeeee! Wump-wump!". (We will be a fun, semi-serious guild, out to have fun, rp, and bring joy to Stormreach in whatever way possible! Mature jokesters only need apply, please!)

    I know nothing, therefore I have no preconceptions, therefore I am better than you! - Poach for King Slogan

    Official Griefer for the Burning Legion!

    Poach - Level 11 Halfling Cleric
    Weee Wump Wump - Level 114 Halfling 2-handed weapon specialist Fighter
    Aggie Wump Wump- Level 3/2/1 Barbarian/Ranger/Fighter Halfling
    Solonir - Level 3 Rogue (stinky elf!)

    HALFLINGS FTW!!!!111!!1 (but we need more avatars, dammit!)

    If you have a virus, get a shot. Dont brag about it!

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    Guild name: Dragonspire
    Guild type: Adults, mostly PnP players

    Guild Contacts: Leger, Tag
    Recruiting Status: accepting members
    About You: We're a laid good group of guys who are very Dwarf friendly. Have fun, make friends, good groupings. No spoilers. PnP vets here.
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    Guild Name:The crimson Dawn
    Guild Type: Casual-Hardcore with little to no RP
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Me(Blue) and Krusher(GM)
    Recruiting status: we are recruting on a selective basis
    About you: Well we are mainly a guild of WoW players who decided to give DDO a try but since the beta weve decided we like it too much and some are playing DDO exclusivly. We will be pretty active and will almost always be running all guild groups at all times. Our members hail from everywhere from Canada to the US to Aussies. We will be running a Mature guild set up(not in age but in attitude), but that doesnt mean goofing around and joking with everyone isnt allowed. Also were getting a dedicated 25 man Ventrillo server set up since the ingame chat is really bad.
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    Guild Name: Lightstorm's Dragonslayers
    Guild Type: Heavy RP
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Arcana, Windling, Amouge, Menhir, Throk and me Mattax, are the officers with ability to accept into the guild.
    Recruiting status: Accepting all who want to join.
    About you: This guild is for players wanting to deepen thier gaming experiance with heavy RPing. This RP guild is aligned toward good characters who's main goal is to slay the evilest creatures. Loot and fame is a byproduct of that. Evil dragons are the most prized kill of them all. Character race is not an issue. Voice chat is only used for immediate tactical reasons otherwise we try to type everything to stay immersed. This guild started when those who were trying to find heavy RP in Sarlona could not. Please check out our website and make a post in the general Forums to let us know you are interested! We currently have 35 members and we are growing well.
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    Exclamation Scarlet Brotherhood

    Guild name: Scarlet Brotherhood
    Guild type: Casual RP & Steady Play
    Guild Website: Scarlet Brotherhood
    Guild Contacts: Izlude Oranes (Leader)
    Recruiting Status: Accepting all Applications
    About You: Were a lower population guild that prides itself on teamwork and friendship. Our ethics will keep us all working towards a similar goal of high end questing and enjoyable Role-playing the whole way through. Since many are casual (of not at all) role players, we do not enforce the act, but encourage it to a degree. We feel that roleplaying is not only fun, but adds more involvement to you and your character.
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    Default The Stonecutters

    Guild Name: The Stonecutters
    Guild Type: Casual
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Klagdon (or any other char that starts with Klag)
    Recruiting status: Actively recruiting
    About you: We're a pretty laid back tight group who has been together for about 5 years. We started back in DAOC and have evolved through various games. We don't have a large DDO presence, but we have some hard core D&D geeks in our ranks and are looking to expand.

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    Default Dragonspire

    Last edited by Madmonkey2; 09-12-2007 at 12:53 AM. Reason: Disbanded

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    Default House Steiner

    Guild Name: House Steiner
    Guild Type: Light to Very Heavy Play
    Light to No RP
    Guild Website: None to Date
    Guild Contacts: Myrwyn, Lysa, Bealin, Zucchini, Franken, Jo
    Recruiting Status: WE want to play with you before we invite you.
    About You: Generally speaking, a group of fairly hardcore gamers. We have been playing various things together for years, but we're always willing to meet new people. OH yeah, Screw Davion!

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    Guild Name: Dunjonstompers
    Guild Type: Lite RP w/OOC comments as needed. Casual gamers as we all have lives and families
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Evantal, Rage, Ratchet, Zontlu, Mandrake
    Recruiting status: Temporarily Full
    About you: A group of older gamers who have played any and all of the MMO's and CRPG's since the days when edlin was an editor and not a NPC. We're almost all in the central time zone, have ties to The Sillyhood guild, and still play a semi-regular D&D 3.5 PnP campaign.
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    Default Stormreach Freebooters

    Guild Name: Stormreach Freebooters
    Guild Type: Moderate RP casual players
    Guild website: Stormreach Freebooters Forum
    Guild Contacts: Bram, Noinar, Salannan, Rosencrantz
    Recruiting status: Recruiting
    About you:
    The core group has been gaming together since Neverwinter Nights, and has played different MMO’s together off and on for the last few years. We have a mix of casual and hardcore players. We enjoy RP but have a laid back attitude about it. If you don’t RP, spend sometime with us and you will, its quite contagious. Considering the history of Stormreach as a pirate haven the guild ArrrgP is that of mercenary company.
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    Default The Pious Syndicate

    Guild Name: The Pious Syndicate
    Guild Type: RP. hardcore
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: Requirements, see recruitment section of website.

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    Guild Name: Illuminati

    Guild Type: Light RP, no one is expected to be IC all the time, GU is anything goes, we have a mixture of all kinds of people

    Guild website: In development

    Guild Contacts: Ronayn (contact me in game or via PM for information/recruitment questions)

    Recruiting status: Limited recruitment is open, by invitation only, we are highly selective with our candidates and seek to find people who are good fits with our varied and interesting personalities.

    About you: The acquisition of knowledge and ancient artifacts, solving age old mysteries, exploration of new realms. These things are the life blood of the Illuminati.
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    Guild Name:KNights Of Imprtalis
    Guild Type: Whatever
    Guild website: None
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: Just Starting Recruiting all members
    About you: Friendly enviorment where DnD players of mature ages can come and enjopy each others company.

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    Default Mordgeld - Mercenary Guild

    Guild Name: Mordgeld
    Guild Type: Generally light to moderate RP.
    Guild website: currently pending.
    Guild Contacts: Liandra, Sonneth
    Recruiting status: Restricted. We prefer to know the quality of player before we accept them into the guild.
    About you: Mordgeld is, on an OOC level, a group of friends from other games that have decided to play together in DDO. On an IC level, it is a fledgling mercenary guild. More details on how the guild works and suchness will be worked on over time.

    The guild meets once a week on Tursday evenings (the best time to contact us is then), although occasionally some of us can be found outside of those times. We generally stay in a loose RP format, and try to stay at least semi in character most times. We also realize not everybody RPs, and we're willing to work with that fact.

    Those who are interested in possibly joining (or hiring) are advised that the more mature your mannerisms, the better your chances of being accepted (and the better our prices). Messages like 'hi can i plz join guild' or 'need help plz thx' is a guaranteed way to NOT be accepted or get assistance. We may also enjoy alliances with other guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Paladin
    Introduce your guild here.

    Guild Name:
    Guild Type: (Heavy, moderate, lite RP. casual, hardcore, whatever)
    Guild website: (if applicable)
    Guild Contacts:
    Recruiting status: (is your guild currently accepting members)
    About you: (talk about what makes your guild special, what timezones you mostly play on, whatever you think people who want to know about your guild, want to know!)
    GUILD: -DND- Dungeon -n- Dragons

    Guild Leader: Saleena LvL 4 Sorc.
    Guild Type:
    We are a Mixed Bunch, we Do Everything. =)
    WEBPAGE: WWW.DNDSTORMREACH.COM Under construction, But Is working . We Run same Style Boards , Vbulletin 3.5 forums
    Recruiting Status: Very High, We Take all Respectable, kind Players. Rude people are Kicked.

    Our Guild is Special, Because Our Motto is " Help One , Too Help Another "
    We are all here for the common Goal, To have fun and Meet New Friends.
    Number of Members Active: 32
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    Guild Name: FORGE
    Guild Type: Role-playing Guild, using the quests as a backdrop
    Guild website: (currently building a new site)
    Guild Contacts (Officers): Tip, Rhiannan, Feyed, Lark, Neah, Drakkel, Tavith, Nym, Krelar, Dynn
    Recruiting status: Recruiting those who like to role-play and take their time in dungeons and quests.
    About the Guild: The FORGE, (Fellowship Of Role Gaming Enthusiasts), consists of adults and a few mature teens who enjoy role-playing their characters, rather than just rushing through quests in a mad race to level ten. We use the quests, and time between adventures, to define our characters through interactions and role-playing sessions. We are in no hurry to discover every inch of content in Stormreach, nor do we care how quickly our characters advance, as long as we continue to have fun and enjoy playing together. This does not mean that we do not adventure together. On the contrary, we have several groups within the guild that meet on a regular basis, with new groups forming all the time.

    We have over thirty-five members currently, and welcome all role-players with open arms and a hearty Huzzah!
    [SIZE="2"]Holy Igniter of the Silver Flame
    Co-Founder of The FORGE[/SIZE]

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    Default 789th Regiment (-)

    Guild Name: 789th Regiment (-)
    Guild Type: (Heavy RP. casual)
    Guild website: Coming Soon
    Guild Contacts: Battleunit or Arcaneunit (IC RP contacts)
    Recruiting status: Accepting limited members
    About you: The remenants of the 789th, 761st, and 706th regiments destroyed in the old wars, now try to find a living in Stormreach. Forming a loose group, their purpose is enigmatic and rarely shared. All members to date of this guild are Warforged with a first name of ______unit and the words Seven-Eighty-Nine for a surname. Most, except sorcerers, have the regimental mark (a zero on the forehead) and most follow the colorscheme of black and cream underlay, and a color designating assigned function - Green for line combat, Purple for support or staff, Grey for scout, and Red for artillery.

    It should be remembered there are many warforged, but few from the 789th.

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    Guilld Name: Eternal Darkness

    Guild Type: Helpful (Verylight-Heavy)

    Guild SIte:

    Guild Contacts: Marrik (leader), Memphis, Belladonna, Ayd, Singen and Kiemore (Officers)

    Recruiting Status: Not really looking for random invites, but if you like us, and we can get to know you, your in. Real friends of guild members are in no questions asked.

    About our Guild: We like to help each other out. One of the first things most guildmates do when they get on is to say hello, and ask if anyone needs help with anything. We are spread out all over the US and play at different times. Some of the guild have been playing MMO's together for years on other MMOs and / or are real life friends. We like to joke alot and have fun. We don't really rp.

    We are looking to join with other guilds for things like raiding, or groups. Over all we like to have fun, and want to make the game enjoyable for those we play with.

    At the minute this is a no Warforged guild ( I do not understand why)

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    Guild Name:Keepers of the Valiant Guard
    Guild Type: casual, RP in form if not in character (i.e play your roles)
    Guild Contacts:Nicholas, Ulgrimm
    Recruiting status:not really, mostly RL group of friends but have been known to invite people who share our playtimes and outlooks
    About you:In game, our guild was founded to protect an artifact shield - the Valiant Guard - of a powerful paladin who fell in battle ages ago. Prophecy says he will return one day to reclaim it and our duty is to keep it safe until such time.
    Nicholas Kalane 6 Cleric / 1 Fighter

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    Default After life

    Guild Name: After life

    Guild Type: General Purpus/ lvl / have fun

    Guild website:

    Guild Contacts: Azriun, Ogre, Ardat, Slingsblade

    Recruiting status: Activley recruting

    About you: We are a multi MMO guild the site is currently set up for WOW but additions are being made for DDO.

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