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    Default Infamy Guild

    Guild name: Infamy
    Guild type: Non-RP, Mature, Dedicated
    Guild Website:
    Guild Contacts: Zanoff, Zergster, and Zorg
    Recruiting Status: Accepting members
    About You: Mature group of players who approach games aggressively but treat each other casually. The core has played together for over eight years and we've recently added many like minded individuals to our ranks. Feel free to stop by our website to see if this a guild you'd like to be a part of.

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    Default Circle Of Shen

    Experienced Gamers who know how to play. Rping at time is all agrees, Voice chat preferred.
    Contacts Sabbath, Sabbeth or Haffa
    A guild looking to recruit members that is going to have fun overall. We are power players that is looking to get the most out of the game. Looking to have 1 or 2 main characters each that we can lvl quickly with a few reserve on the side to twink and use if no other lvl range guild mates are on-line. We want people who are going to work a dungeon or adventure smart rather than charge and hack and slash. If your not experieced, no problem, we'll show ya the ways of the swartz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ossain
    Guild Name: Knights of Winter
    Guild Type:Light RP in game Chat, Mostly OOC on Teamspeak server. Mid- Range on Power/Casual status.
    Guild website: I'm working on it, I'm working on it, quit bothering me
    Guild Contacts: Ossain, Caitlynn, Papatuff, Lathian, though on the website only send PM's to Ossain currently.
    Recruiting status: Actively, though we grow slowly as we find others of like mind.
    About you: The Knights are a fairly small core guild though we have chapters on many different MMO's. We are into having fun however we may without hurting others enjoyment. Please feel free to send me, Ossain, a PM if you would like to know more.

    Ossain Tai'Shar
    Knight of Winter
    You wouldn't be the KoW from EQ2, or have someone who goes by the name of terahak/myridean? By any chance...?
    ..|.. ^_^ ..|..

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    Guild Name: The Wrecking Crew
    Guild Type: Lite to mod RP.
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Sasarai, BlondeBabe or just sign up on our forum.
    Recruiting status: Recruiting, always!
    About you: A multi national online gaming clan from all around the world, we have forum and TS support. Mature members only; if you are under 16 years of age we cannot accept your application. We are looking for gamers who want to explore DDO to it's fullest, dungeon rushers, hack and slashers need not apply. Newbies are welcome, we teach our own!

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    Default Legion of Honor

    Guild Name: Legion of Honor,
    Guild Type: Heavy, moderate, lite RP. casual, hardcore, whatever
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: or
    Recruiting status: currently accepting members, former ac2 players and open to anyone fitting our play style
    About you:
    Legion of Honor, Our allegiance/Guild was founded on the principle that MMORPG's are as much about the people as they are about the game play. The allegiance is made up of friendly, good people who; play to have fun, like to interact and enjoy the social aspects of the game, and most importantly, are there to help each other through the various quests and trials of the MMORPG's we are in. Our ranks are made up of players ranging in age from 9 to over 60, from all parts of the US

    We were an AC2/TD Guild, we plan to start on " Sarlona " in the Headstart as a DDO Founder Guild !

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    Khyber ~ Guild: Knights of the Good
    Arturyan Cleric 20
    Arturn Ranger Tempest 15 fighter/rogue/ranger
    Boltsprayer Artificer/Rogue 4/2

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    Exclamation Safehaven is Recruiting on Sarlona!

    Guild Name: Safehaven
    Guild Type: Casual/Family-like/RP-friendly
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: In-game: Trieste, Mystique, Cormarun, or can post an app on the guild boards.
    Recruiting status: Recruiting is open (please visit the website and drop an app, please)
    About you: (kinda wordy, sorry)

    What's Safehaven about?

    First and foremost, we start with the approach that Safehaven is a Family.
    We are a Family comprised of folks who have families and real lives. Spouses and kids, perhaps, maybe just a dog or cat.

    We're not the gung-ho, "Uber-or-Else" kind of players. We enjoy the simple pleasures in the game that come from helping out Newbs, or each other, or popping off a flurry of arrows into the hindquarter of a MoB that's about to take someone down that we happen to be nearby in the Water Works.

    Safehaven is Not about Uber and "kewl phat lewts". It's Not about racing to see who makes the level-cap First. If these are the things you seek, Safehaven is Not the place for you.

    If, however, you seek mature company, light-hearted humor in the chat, friendly teaming up to hunt or explore or quest, helping out a guildmate, then Safehaven just might be a good fit for you.

    If you're interested, in-game contact Trieste, Mystique, or Cormarun , or drop by the website and drop an application.

    Thanks for your time and interest!
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    Trieste Aluve'
    Founder# 6523 ...sheesh

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    Name: Servants of the Shard
    Type: Casual to Lite RP
    Recruitment: yes!!
    Contacts: Baatazu Godsbane, Simbul Aglarond, or Gorem
    About us: We have been playing PnP for 15+ years, experienced mmorpg players. We are mostly a late night and weekend guild. We would love to have casual or lite RP players. Still a small guild, but looking to grow quickly so we can get some good questing in. Look one of us up in game if you would like any more info.
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    Guild Name: The Heavy Hand
    Guild Type: Lite rp
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: Shatrar
    Recruiting status: If I like you
    About you: Casual play mostly just a bunch of friends.

    The Heavy Hand: Tongue -n- Cheek Dictatorship "DO as I say not as I do"

    Goodnite, sleep well, I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

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    Guild Name: Cairdeas Treibh
    Guild Type: family of friends trying to have fun
    Guild website: Forums, members will be given the URL
    Guild Contacts: Tyglon (alts: Tyg, Tyggy), Grigus
    Recruiting status: Actively, but selectively. (We like to have had an existing member group with potential members to see if they will most likely fit in with existing members.)
    About Us: A couple members of an existing guild from another MMO decided to form a DDO chapter. The main goal of the guild is to have fun.

    Statement of Principle for Cairdeas Treibh

    To create a family of friends, where people come together and escape the pressures of real life, with teammates who help each other progress with information, encouragement and teamwork, all the while having fun and respecting each other.

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    Guild Name: The Damned Archers
    Guild Type: Casual, Mature, Lite RP
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: through website
    Recruiting status: Active
    Server: Sarlona
    About you: We are mostly an age 30+ guild of experienced gamers and people with real lives. We don't rush through things, we help each other out with a "need before greed" mindset. Most of us are former/current PnP players as well. We also have about a 90% VIP rate among members. Voice chat is totally optional, many of us use our vent sever but its not required by any means. If we sound like your type of family, please contact us by our website link above. Any questions can be sent to the email listed below.
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    Default Tempest Rebels - sounding off

    Guild Name: Tempest Rebels
    Guild Type: Focus on casual play with RP welcome.
    Guild website: none, yet - newly formed
    Guild Contacts: Zalidane or Smee
    Recruiting status: Actively seeking members
    About you: Smee and I are moving from SWG (we are roommates). We named this guild after our server and faction on SWG. We are located in Central Time, but are welcoming all players. After all, the game never sleeps. We will not belittle or harrass anyone for being inexperienced (we all were at one time, don't deny it).

    We are still small, but eager to grow so anyone can find a good person to group with.

    Check us out!
    Zalidane Swiftstring -- Elf Ranger 8/Rogue 3
    Antonel Darkblade -- Human Fighter 6
    Cyban -- Warforged Ranger 4
    Rames Riftwalker - Drow Paladin 2

    Sarlona Server

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    Guild Name: Exiles of Amber
    Guild Type: Heavy to Moderate Role play, social, quest together
    Guild website: none yet....coming soon..
    Guild Contacts: Random
    Recruiting status: open
    About you: I love role play and killing stuff as a guild.

    Random aka MajHavoc
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    Guild Name: Wayfinders
    Guild Type: Light - Heavy Role-playing, Mature, Casual play
    Guild website: None Yet
    Guild Contacts: Delilia, Ashleigh, Ghazghkull
    Recruiting status: Actively seeking qualified members
    About you: Wayfinders was founded by 3 member of our local D&D group. We have played in many MMO's, including Star Wars: Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, City of Heroes, and Everquest 2. We only seek players whom exhibit the following; Maturity, Want to Role-play (not necessary, but appreciated), Fun, Reasonable willingness to help guild members. To put our guild in a nutshell, we want to have fun playing the game with other guild members in a mature and role-playing friendly environment.

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    Default The Order of the Gilded Palm

    Guild Name: The Order of the Gilded Palm
    Guild Type: light-to-moderate RP, casual play
    Guild Website: working on it
    Guild Contacts: Jalaki, Haalar, Dealan, Kippler, Daratra, Thyra
    Recruiting Status:Accepting new members
    About You:

    *taps mic* Is this thing on? Good, well then, where to start?

    We're a friendly guild interested in enjoying the game to its fullest. Powerlevellers, lootseekers, and those whose childhood report cards said "does not play well with others" need not apply. Those of you still around...

    Dungeon crawling is good. So is hanging out in the tavern, going for a swim in the harbor, or strolling through the Marketplace to window-shop. Whatever suits your fancy! We wish to provide a fun, easygoing environment for players in DDO as well as creating a community of friends willing to help each other out - and willing to help out non-guild members as well. For those who like to RP, that will certainly be an option, and we'll try to stay in-character with you For those who prefer more OOC adventuring, that will also be available.

    New to DDO or DnD in general? No problem, we can help you learn! Already experienced in PnP and/or online? Great! We'd love to have you! Anyone interested, whether for more information or to join up, send a /tell to any of the characters listed above. All races/classes are welcome!

    Currently we're quite tiny, and not planning on ever being very large. Typically our current officers (myself included) can be found in the evenings and late nights (CST) on weekdays and potentially any time on weekends, so we'd hope that this would be in league with your own times. We do not advocate rushing, either through dungeons or through the game in general, and in fact actively discourage both. This might mean delaying that level up for a quest or two, or holding back on a particular character to stay in-line with other guildmates; of course, pick-up groups to fill open slots are welcome as well.

    For more information or to ask about recruitment, contact myself on the forums or send a /tell in game to one of our officers. We'll be waiting to hear from you!
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    Default French guild

    Guild Name: Cercle de l'ombre

    Guild Type: lite to moderate RP. casual gaming

    Guild website:

    Guild Contacts: Zoktar on this board, Perignan in game

    Recruiting status: accepting members

    About you: This guild was made so that people speaking french would have better opportunities to RP (language barrier). We are looking to form a family-like guild that will allow everyone to enjoy the game. We don't mind the race/class/level you are, come join us if you want to have fun and try to recreate a PnP environment with us.
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    Live your own life, for you will die your own death.
    - Latin proverb

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    Default Brotherhood of Vengeance

    Name: Brotherhood of Vengeance

    Type: Heavy RP, mature, social

    Website: None yet

    Contacts: or

    About Us: Brotherhood of Vengeance is reaching out to mercenaries from all ends of the world to unite to serve one purpose - Fame and Fortune. Brotherhood of Vengeance is a guild that recruiting mature, sensible, and above all else - chaotic neutral players. Our guild's main focus is taking no sides, unless paid of course. We are hired help, whether it be to hunt down monsters, players (if pvp comes live) and that special loot item that you are dying to get. We do all these things -for a price. If you like our neutral role within this world and living the life of a free man (or woman) please talk to Allaine or Cellestial on the Sarlona server. There are many choices for guild out there, but why would you want to be anywhere else?

    P.S. Chaotic neutral is a must! -Allaine

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    Guild Name: The Order of the Others
    Guild Type: Casual RP
    Guild website: To be announced
    Guild Contacts: Savaton (Leader)
    Recruiting status: Accepting new members
    About you: The Order of the Others is out to dispell the myth that only powerful people are useful. We are open to all levels and welcome all new RP idea's. We ask that you stay in character for the most part, but you will not be made a fool if not. Please join us for Casual and fun play.

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    Default how about..

    The Emperial Plumbers Union lol

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    Wow that is quite funny.

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    Default Sarlona Characters Who Want In Head Start Event For Guilds.

    Hey, this is Lash Lehorec here. I am looking to join a guild that is respectful and not elitest. If there aren't any out there like that which are forming for the head start event, I'd like to join any guild that doesn't mind having me for the purposes of the helmet benefit. If the guild I join for the helmet purpose ends up being one I like, I'll stay, but if they are full of elitests or people who need to have guild members that level daily, I'll have to leave as I am a casual gamer. My days of intense gaming have dropped off severely. This does not mean to say that I wont strive hard to put forth effort into the guild, I just wont be able to game every day like I used to be able to.

    Anyone else who is interested in being in a guild forming on or before Fenruary 28th, list yourselves here and the type of guild you are looking for, if any.

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