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    Thumbs up Order of the Dragon above

    Guild Name: Order of the Dragon above (50 lvl atm)
    Guild Type: brotherhood
    Guild forum:
    Guild Contacts: Miryel, Myrabelle, Ainz, Irean, Cakemonster, Yanimir, Killabit, Tuike, Valelene - any member actually
    Recruiting status: Taking new experienced members, you have to:
    1. Play well
    2. Be active (play 2-3 times for at least 2 hours a week).
    3. Be polite and helpful
    to be invited.
    About us: Growing guild with good communication. All are good enough at whatever they do. If you feel you're the guy, join us!

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    Spellbinders' Land

    Cool Introducing Spellbinders!!!

    Guild Name: Spellbinders

    Guild Type: End game guild.

    Guild website: Under Construction

    Guild Contacts: akash

    Recruiting Status: Maximum 12 active accounts, so we only recruit when it's needed.

    About Us: Spellbinders are the ruler elites of Spellbinders' Land (as shown in the Australian TV series 'Spellbinder'), only they are allowed to research, gain knowledge, explore the world, and protect the weak ordinary gimped out villagers (i.e. players who can't solo same level of elites even with multiple past lifes and gold seal hires). 'We are the friendliest guild you will ever find in any server or any game'. If you are not a f2p or a server grinder, and if you do not agree with this statement, then join us as an apprentice and check it out yourself as the door of Spellbinder's Castle is always open. We respect each and everyone in this server equally, and never underestimate anyone. Applicants have to be committed regular players, and they have to be VIP or at least own Gianthold, Vale of Twilight, and any 5 premium epic dungeon packs. Also every single character of Sarlona server regardless of it's a bank toon or just a Cannith crafter must be brought inside the guild, because we do not support multiple guild representation. Other than that, we don't have any restriction or requirements towards our apprentices, and we do whatever we feel, it's just like having an excellent close-tied family. Therefore, just send an in-game message to the Grand Regent Ashkaa or any other Regents (Officers), and join us now, together we will rule Sarlona, and pwn the Epic bosses.

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    Guild Name: woot
    Guild Size: very small (4 accounts)
    Guild Level:25 as of today.
    Guild Type: Friendly
    Guild forum: under construction
    Guild Contacts: oosaravelli, chirutha, masakali, wootmantra, afkbiobrb.
    Recruiting status: limited recruitment currently.

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    Guild Name: Stijene

    Guild Size: 6 accounts

    Guild Level: 65ish

    Guild Type: Not too friendly.

    Guild forum: not needed.

    Guild Contacts: toons listed in my signature, Brko/Kalopsia/Gms/Gataka

    Recruiting status: Recruting 3 people, soloable players, not looking for people to become bff's, know the game tho, be able/willing to zerg quests, no flower sniffers.

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    Name: the League of Calamatis Intent
    Type: Casual with rp tendancies
    Contacts: Sarivata
    Recruiting: Always, assuming you are an inteligent adult who lives in Alaska
    About: Just a simple group of friends who just happen to work very boring night time desk jobs that leave a lot of time for video games.

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    Guild name: Ultimate Legion
    Guild type: light RP (just for funn)
    Guild contacts: Barrfind, Fearowaty, wepster, Barrmagic.
    Guild note: We are looking for polish players but we can invite those who want to play for funn ,not PROGAMING.

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    *deleted by me*
    Last edited by Everferth; 08-30-2011 at 07:51 PM. Reason: Guild no longer exists.

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    Talking Hellbound Angels

    Guild Name: Hellbound Angels
    Guild Type: Heavy/Hardcore
    Guild website: Currently N/A
    Guild Contacts: Any of us.
    Recruiting status: Maybe, big maybe.
    About you: Dirty 18+ guild that laughs all the time, sometimes at the expense of others and each other. Helpful to people that aren't morons and some that are. We are pretty big on epics and raiding. POWER TO THE ZERG!

    "We're kind of a big deal..." - Dewflower ROFL
    Last edited by ballsz; 09-24-2011 at 06:30 PM.
    WTT Large Bone for Underwater Action.
    Hellbound Angels - Hellspewn, Hellsscion, Hellstryke, Hellsmonster, Hellsnsanity, Cowboyup, Wiskie, Theralt

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    Exclamation Helpful Zergers:

    Guild Name: Helpful Zergers

    Guild Type: Casual - Religion

    Guild Website:

    Guild Facebook: "Search" For: Helpful Zergers

    Guild Contacts: Any of us & You Will Be Directed To A "Recruiter".

    Recruiting Status: Open (Like-Minded Individuals)

    About The Guild:

    The "Helpful Zergers" is a Dungeons & Dragons Online (Eberron) Guild which plays on the Sarlona Server. We strive together as a Tightly-Knit Guild that plays together & establishes themselves as:
    Soloists - Established Single Players.
    Team Players - Group Assisting & Vitalizing Players.
    Assistants - People That Assist Guild & "PUGS", As "Guides".
    Our Guild Members pride themselves on knowing that our Guild assists one another as often as possible & within our means. "Teach A Man To Fish & You've Fed Him For Life." We do assist in "Farming" specific items for each other, Favor Farm for each other & Guild, as well as attempt to do Raid Runs as a Guild primarily.
    If you are looking for a Guild that is Helpful or just looking for some "like-minded" people that like to also joke around ... feel free to send one of us a /tell in Game, a Message on Facebook Search: Helpful Zergers, or Message us here.

    Ventrillo is a MUST (whether you use it for listening & responding in Guild Chat, or Speak back over mic).

    ~Good Gaming.
    Burn 'Em or Insta' Death!

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    Guild Name: DRAWN BY FATE

    Guild Type: LITE RP

    Guild website/threads: Drawn By Fate main thread, Sunday Static 1 , Sunday Static 2 , Tuesday Static Adventures as experienced by Fallane the Faithful

    Guild Contacts: Thoom, Postumus (on forums), or any thread OPs for the various static groups


    About you: DBF is primarily a lite role playing guild made up of several static groups which meet on a weekly basis. We encourage any members who are interested to create, recruit, and run a new static group.

    Static group members run content with each other, level together, do not participate in PUGs, may/may not participate in special events (depending on the group), but may interact with other static groups in joint ventures such as raids.

    We also have 'free agent' characters who are not associated with any single static group because of schedule conflicts, etc, but may party with static groups from time to time to fill a role or roster space or join larger events such as raids.

    Free agents are not restricted from PUGs, and they may be played as often or as little one likes. Many static members have one or more free agents in the guild which they use to try out new character builds, classes, or just run around having fun outside their scheduled static groups.
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    Guild Name: Trashcan Guild (35)
    Guild Type: so casual that casual gamers look like power-gamers
    Guild website: Too small to bother building one
    Guild Contacts: Zebidiahh or anotherpers if online
    Recruiting status: Maybe, after extensive testing of you walking the plank and my wife using Droamm mines in undermine to kill you. That's if you find us long enough for us to run a quest or five together. Some inappropriate language can be found.
    About you: We are a very small guild that consists of my wife, a friend of ours, three friends we've met while playing ddo, and myself. We are extremely casual and the wife likes to break barrels. Expect to die a lot. Especially in Undermine.
    Last edited by zorander6; 05-14-2012 at 07:14 PM.
    Cannith - Falconsbane(8 - 3rd life), NeedOil (14), NeedMead, Needfood, hobbitarcher(5)
    Sarlona - Zebidiahh (19.8), Anotherpers(20), Smurgh(16), Falconsbane(14), Needoil(15)
    The first rule of the trashcan guild is expect to die...
    There is no second rule.

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    Cool Nerds of the Nightscape

    Guild Name: Nerds of the Nightscape
    Guild Type: Casual and fun
    Guild website: (MyDDO Page)
    Guild Contacts: Novthoroniel (leader) or Gwyidion (officer)
    Recruiting?: Yes. We are looking for active members. All classes and levels welcome!
    About you: Started by a small group of friends who always seemed to find themselves up ridiculously late playing DDO! It's addicting isn't it? But now we are looking to expand. We are pretty casual players; laid back and fun. We like to take our times with quests and make sure we clear everything and get all that optional XP and extra goodies. (We love loot!) Send the leader (me) or one of the officers a message if you are interested or want more information. We'd love to have you join us!

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    Guild Name: Shortbus Heroes
    Guild Type: Casual, no-twink, following G.I.M.P. rules
    Guild website:
    Guild thread:
    Recruiting?: Yes. Just post in guild thread
    Interested in trying something different? Try a GIMP build! G.I.M.P. stands for Get Into Multiclass Project.
    How to build a gimp?
    Roll d8 for race (reroll if don't have the race)
    Roll d12 three times for the 3 classes (reroll if don't have the class or if alignment incompatible).
    The first three levels assign as you like so have 1 of each class by level 3. For each level from there, when ready to level up, roll a d3 to decide what class to level up into.
    Also, as this is a no-twink guild, that means no AH, brokers, getting items/money/etc. from anyone else, etc (including shared bank, mail, ...). There are a few minor exceptions such as in quest chest transfer (or right after).
    So no matter what server you are from, everyone starts off broke in Korthos or nearly broke for veterans.
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    St. John's, NL, Canada


    Guild Name: Embers' Resurrection
    Guild Type: Not roleplay oriented. We may casually fool around with it sometimes, but not during quests or on a regular basis and no one is required to participate. Regular conversation happens for the most part.
    Guild website: N/A
    Guild Contacts: Faredir (Leader), (Faredir's Alts: Harthaf, Johknee, Oong, Rilind, Riorden, Roeshan, Ruime, Sicarios, Tholond and Xylandar) Araydia (Co-leader), (Araydia's Alts: Allexiah, Araydia, Astrah, Danyckah, Fathia, Gaiia, Sennkah, and Shiivani), Regular Officer: Calistan. For fastest response, please contact one of mine or my husband's alts. We are generally on Araydia and Faredir the most at this time.
    Recruiting status: Currently accepting mature-minded members.
    About you: Myself (Araydia) and my husband (Faredir) are Canadian and play within the Newfoundland timezone (GMT -3:30). Our guild mostly consists of close friends that are located within the United States or the United Kingdom, though some of them have quit or don't play regularly anymore. I like to play in static groups whenever possible, but will pug sometimes, while my husband and Calistan will pug more often. The number one rule is though, that if my husband and I are online at the same time, we don't do anything without the other. We are on daily for rolls and semi-regularly for playing, depending on the time of year and how old or new the content is.

    Our guild's motto: Rising up out of the ashes of defeat, we burn with the passion to move forward; to resurrect and preservere against all odds.

    Our guild may be small, but we are determined players who want to accomplish their goals when they set out to get something done, whether it be a quest, a raid, or crafting. Sometimes we may get frustrated, take a break, or otherwise call it a night after a long and strenuous battle with a quest or raid, but we always come back to conquer it eventually.

    Our guild's members are mostly between the ages of late 20's and late 30's but we don't generally discriminate age, though I will say that we can be quite a rowdy bunch when together and banter is usually on a pretty mature level. We are quite capable of toning it down, however.

    We're currently level 74 and counting. We work hard to keep our renown up, even if the pace does slow down for a while. We've done pretty well for going it mostly on our own for a long time, but more are always welcome--especially more friends.

    We are not elitists. We don't care if you have the best gear, the most hp, or the most dps. We play the game to have fun. While we do work toward getting good gear, that's not all this game is to us and we're not here to prove anything to anyone else.

    If you like to solo and do your own thing, that's fine too. The only thing we don't agree with is zerging. When we play with others, we try to play as a team and stay together. We take the time to explore dungeons and get extra chests and optionals if possible. We don't look kindly upon people who rush ahead, get all kinds of aggro, and leave the rest of us with the aftermath. We also don't take kindly to rude behavior.

    Our guild doesn't really have many guidelines except these:

    1. Be respectful to others both within the guild and outside of it, unless otherwise given good reason not to be.
    2. We are old fashioned when it comes to partying up. If you party with us, you work within the team - the healers heal everyone, not just themselves, the melee's do dps, and everyone helps each other, and we don't leave people behind. If you want to zerg, you should probably join a zergers guild or group.
    3. If we decide to make you an officer, please don't change around the amenities. Everything currently on the ship is there for a reason and one of us will replace what you put there if something else was there originally.
    4. Please don't join our guild only to leave a few days, or a few weeks later. You should already know what you're looking for, and if you don't, it's probably better if you don't join. We don't look kindly upon fickle members that join, then leave within the span of a week.
    5. We're good people and loyal friends who will help you with anything we can if asked. If you're looking for laid back friends, trustworthy teammates and loyal, helpful guildies, you might enjoy your time in our guild.
    6. If you become a dear friend, we'll expect that you'll have a good reason for leaving if you ever feel the need. We also expect you to let us know beforehand. Anything less would be pretty insulting in our eyes. Honesty is the best policy and we are honest people.
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    Guild Name: Imperial Order
    Guild Type: Family friendly; role-playing optional
    Guild website: N/A
    Guild Contacts:
    Leader: Wilsohn
    Wil's Alts: Alarec, Dairhoken, Dracohnus, Dracoleus, Grigoir, Hideayu, Hyrom, Korvos, Kragov, Logrea, Uraga, and Wyrem
    Officers: Reegen, Vitia, and Shinatsu
    Recruiting status: Currently accepting mature-minded members.
    About you: Imperial Order originated from a different MMO and was brought over to DDO by one of its leading officers, Wilsohn. It was and still remains a safe haven that is family friendly and open to all ages.

    We're currently small with 7 active accounts, at level 52. The members are decently active, Wilsohn is online on at last one of his alts almost every day, Reegen is online almost every day, and the rest every few days. Our aim is to help others and be a respectful bunch within and outside the guild. We are open to alliances outside the guild for questing, crafting, grinding, events, and other public things.

    If our guild becomes large enough, we will also start hosting events featuring all sorts of activities that can involve quests, games, prizes and, of course, lots of fun. If you're looking for a laid back, respectable guild that values honor, integrity and honesty, you just might enjoy your time with us.

    There are only a few guidelines that we expect all members to adhere to.

    1. Be respectful to all others, unless given a very good reason not to be.
    2. We are not elitists or zergers. We are team players and when you group with members of the guild, you are expected to stay with the rest of the group and work together.
    3. Honesty, honor, and integrity comes first above all else. We expect you to be honest with us and with others you play with. And dishonesty that gets back to the guild will be dealt with by the leader and officers in a mature manner.
    4. We are here to have fun above all else and of course members will not always agree upon everything, so if you can't settle a dispute between yourself and another guild member, please bring it to the leader or one of the officers for a neutral mediation so that we can attempt to keep things running smoothly within our ranks.
    5. All decisions made within the guild are made together by the leader and officers. No decision is final unless first discussed at length.
    6. If you don't know what you're looking for in a guild, have a habit of joining one and leaving a few days or a few weeks later, you should probably figure out what you're looking for before sending any of us a request. It's downright rude to join a guild, and then leave days later without an explanation.
    7. We are still a small guild, but we have most of the best buffs, even if we don't have high levels. We're good people and we keep our word if we make you a promise. If you're looking for trustworthy, respectful guildies, you might enjoy your time in our guild.
    8. All matters will be handled on a mature level concerning the guild and communication within the guild. We expect this from all members.

    These guidelines are not here to detract from the fun of the game, only to dissuade any troublemakers from trying to join. We are a pretty laid back bunch in general who treat one another respectfully and just like to hang out. Look one of us up and drop us a tell in game.
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    Default A NEW PERMADEATH GUILD playing as PnP

    Guild name: Permadeath DND (shortly named PDND).
    Guild leader: Silverrine.
    Our guild concept is to imitate the PnP spirit of deaths and gear. DDO is becoming more and more about the grind so this guild is meant to take a step back and focus on just finishing a Quest. Just like you play around the table, death is real, the gear is expensive and money isn't something you can just through in the auction house.
    If you are up for a challenging game, a real PnP experience, try us.

    You can send an in game mail to silverrine with a valid Email and the rules set will be sent to you. From there you just need to accept them and send a new toon's name to be recruited. Or you can just try to catch me online on one of my alts:

    CYA in the game.

    Shameless Leader of Arogostinas Guild.

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    Default Wrath- Under new leadership

    Wrath has been around for a while, about 18 months all told, and has at the time of writing reached level 57.
    We have always been a small guild, only briefly did we once go beyond 25 accounts (and are unlikely to repeat that). We have always been a very relaxed guild with no great demands or drama..all that is asked is honesty, integrity, and pride in the guild.
    Currently we have 14 active accounts.
    We have been in something of a state of flux recently mainly because our leader vanished 3 months ago without naming a successor. This meant a period of virtually zero recruitment.
    Since Christmas the leadership has been taken over by Mercilless, with 2ic being Barrako.
    I would welcome anyone interested in end-game epic and raid content joining us in order to help re-vitalise a basically sound guild which needs to re-discover itself.
    English speaking and mic is an advantage, and I would particularly welcome UK/European time-based players


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    Default The Wulfepack

    Guild Name: The Wulfepack - Sarlona

    Guild Type: Friendly bunch of people that like to quest together and have fun.

    Guild Contacts: Send in game message or tell to Blime

    Recruiting status: We are always looking for new members. We expect players to play at least once a month but prefer weekly or daily players.

    The Wulfepack has members mainly in North America but we do have some members from Europe as well. You will find some members on at most times of the day but more so from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am EST M-F and all times during the weekend. If you want to learn about the game we have many members that have been playing for years and love to help people. If you are an experienced DDO gamer than we can use your help as well. At times the guild channel can become quite chatty as there is a lot of joking and teaching going on.
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    In your Dreams


    Guild Name: Tel Teukiira (lvl 33)
    Guild Type: Casual
    Guild Contacts: Cailie, Neucari
    Recruiting: YES
    About the Guild: We here at Tel Teukiira are a small knit level 38 Guild. We are looking for "ACTIVE" members to join our Family. We intend to stay small and close to one another. If you are looking for a family of folks to know and grow with please give us a try. I promise we wont bite....well maybe just a nibble Send a Tell to Cailie!

    Any other questions feel free to ask!
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    Guild Leader of Tel Teukiira
    Cailie TR 16 Assassin Rouge ~ Maslyn 6 Arcane Archer/ 3 Rouge ~ SaerTess 8 Fighter/1 Wizard ~ Loala 8 Fighter

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    Default Black Dragon Empire

    Guild Name: Black Dragon Empire
    Guild Type: Moderate roleplaying/casual playing
    Guild website: Only given to members. Don't want to flood our server with random people looking to check us out, aye?
    Guild Contacts: Scalpelius(CrazyHobo/Viktor Korzun), Ashenfall(Myself/Subject154), James Mason(Modemkill) - We pretty much have the same authority, only we can share the leader position in this game. xD
    Recruiting status: We are indeed recruiting.

    Clan Creed: Respect or Fear. You will respect us, or we will make you fear us. - Dea Draconum Spiritum Obscuritatis(The Darkness of the Dragon's Spirit, or so I'm told. Not fluent in Latin.)

    About you: We're an old gaming clan. Found our start on Dead Frontier back in 2006 when it was still just an idea. I've been in the clan the longest out of any of us, save for the Archlord, our founder and leader, himself. We are *not* a family friendly guild. We accept all applicants, for the most part, but don't presume we're a bunch of saints who don't swear or like to cause a bit of havoc. That isn't to say real life isn't always more important than virtual life, because it is. We're just a bit sadistic. *coughmainlymecough*

    Regardless, we're focused on having a bit of fun while improving the lives of ourselves and our members. I've been with this clan for six years, and it's shaped every part of my life in astounding ways. I'm not going to claim that we'll do that for everyone, but it's not like joining us is a bad thing.

    Were you able to choose evil as your alignment on this game, we would be Lawful Evil. Strict, hard discipline, yet quite a bit of havoc and carnage. We only like rules because they give us something to make sure we don't go insane. Which hasn't worked, for most of us...

    We've just begun invading this particular game, and we'd like to find some good recruits, so we've only three members so far, and we're only level two, but Hobo and I play often, and it doesn't seem quite that difficult to level the guild up, as long as you go to the right places, so that should be a bit higher soon, and my character has several thousand platinum, so soon we'll be pooling our money and buying a small airship to play with. Always wanted a flying fortress...

    Imperial Law:

    Heed your superiors. We've been doing this awhile.

    No blasted spam.

    Three staples of our existence: Discipline, Awareness, and Willpower. You will be promoted through the ranks accordingly. At Rank III, you become an officer, allowing you to invite people to our dark little corner of the multiverse. At Rank II, you gain access to the clan's website. Need to have dedicated members jumping in, not people who just want to sniff out our personal lives, no?

    A voice chat service, such as Ventrillo, or Mumble would be rather nice. It makes shouting orders in the middle of battle much, much easier. For normal chat, we usually just use the chat box. Unless it's just Hobo and I. We'll just rib each other over voice chat continually in that case.

    Sorry for the wall of text. Going now~ :3
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