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    Default Tendon Slice on melee? (for slavers item)

    I'm trying to figure out what to craft on my 'extra' slot for my slavers item (character is a TWF tempest ranger). I was going to go with the Heal 22 (as that's 9 better than the Heal 13 augment I have and heck.. more healing is always a good thing). However, tendon slice is something I don't have elsewhere.. so tempted to do that instead (and slot the heal 13 augment).

    I've never had tendon slice... is the utility for that limited on a melee given when I trigger it they'll continue to hit me with same speed since it just slows the movement speed and not attack speed? Or is it good since I can proc on some mobs and move away (to focus on mobs without the hamstring debuff) giving me some 'breathing room'?

    (the other one I'm undecided on is the suffix slot.. it's either devotion 185 or resitance 14. Resistance 14 sounds a lot better than the resistance 8 i can get with an augment, but then I would have to slot devotion on one of the weapon augment slots losing the option to put a DPS augment in there - such as the endless night one).

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    Tendon slice on a melee is in the "nice to have, but not worth giving up anything for" category, dropping tendon slice from my gear setup didn't really effect me.

    I'd go for the heal to be honest.

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