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    Smile New Player Looking for an active guild!


    I don't consider myself a returning player since last time I played it was around launch in 2006 and the game has changed so much since then. So I'm pretty new to the game, started a few days ago and realized there is a lot to learn! So looking for an active guild to chat and eventually play with. Solo is all fun and nice, but I'm missing guild chat.

    I'm a RPG and MMO veteran who started with EverQuest in 2000 and played most of them. Also played tabletop D&D 2nd and 3rd edition back in the day, so playing DDO is the closest I can get to that period of my past.

    Character in game is Aayda Soulfire (3 ranger/1 thief), I play mostly Eastern Time around 6-7 PM to midnight on week nights and most weekends. I've raided in many games including EQ, EQ2, WOW, Rift etc. so I know how to behave

    If you don't have a guild invite to send me, but would like to say hello, please do, having new friends won't hurt ahah!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Check out this guild.!

    PsychoBlonde is a good Guild Leader.
    My 2 mains are Mornyngstar and Seldissan on Thelanis but I also have toons on all servers with those names. Any toon that has Mornyngstar Clan as their last name is most likely me.

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