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    Default Khyber Guild Hagakure Now Recruiting!

    Newly chartered guild Hagakure is looking for members interested in building and being part of a community; currently at 5 members we would love to grow!

    New players, vet players, tr junkies, endgame players, first life toons, and toons immune to xp are all welcome. Interest in playing together and improving one's toons and skills are the primary qualities we are looking for in new players. We want to have fun, escape real life stress, do difficult things, kill stuff, and die in terribly amusing ways.

    We usually try to have any guild raids etc start between 7pm EST and 2am EST, but we commonly have members online and active much later and sometimes a bit earlier than that.

    Guild Assets:
    Level 83 Guild
    Largest Ship
    5% xp shrine
    All other buffs you can have at this level
    Several quality build planners - you want a build, we can help!
    Full cannith crafter - you have the mats, we can make your gear!

    Powerful Toons - Already our guild is able to short person Baba/Strahd on LN without a fuss, so getting new or undergeared toons up to speed shouldn’t be difficult! Likewise we are able to handle r5 reaper 30 dailies quite smoothly with only 2 or so active people in the quest.
    Support Toons - We have several endgame tanks, healers, and CC builds already in guild and we have used these to already fill the key roles in Reaper difficulty Baba/Strahd
    TR’n toons - We do tr groups! Lots of fun, helps keep you sane if you have to do it too.

    The new guild leader is, I, Poppytop. I’ve been active in the Khyber endgame for a while now, notably being involved in the server’s initial completion of EE Shadow Dragon, organized the server first EE FoTP, organized and led the server’s first EE Mark of Death and R1 Baba, and also organized, led, and main tanked the world’s first R1 Strahd (that was a blast!). I would love to build this guild into something that continues doing things like this.

    As a guild we plan to have regular guild raids. Guild contests, ‘drunk’ raid nights, crazy things like rolling lv 4 toons and trying to to r10 Havadasher, and tr groups are examples of other activities we would like to do as a guild.

    We have a guild charter <link to guild charter> which lays down the rule by which the guild is to be run. While we want to have a fun, community minded guild, we also want to have a guild where members, officers, and even the leader know and understand what our guild is about. Structure, transparency, and community involvement in decision making will help us continue to grow as a guild that every member feels included and proud of their guild tag.
    Of note discord<link to program> is required for guild membership. You don’t need to use voice in it, but access to the text channels is important because it is through these that we organize guild events. For the first week of recruitment <link to our Discord> will allow people to join our channel; after this period of time invitations to our discord will need to be obtained from active members of the guild.

    Come party with us!

    ~Poppytop of Hagakure
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    Come party with the Poppy! Join the BrattyTop flight!

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