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    We got into a conversation about pet collars. Which ones work and which ones do not? If slotting a augment which ones work best and which ones don't work as they should, or you think they should? I was told that pets do not know how weapons work. I for one am hoping the pet pass happens sooner than 2019, but I know the list of to do is long.

    I am also curious if some things work better for the arti dog, or the druid wolf. So please let everyone know what you have learned.

    learned this so far LrdSlvrhnd: Regarding pet collars: It seems that passive stuff (deadly, doublestrike, etc.) will work, while very few actual procs will not. The fire from TF 1st Degree Burns works, the Entropic from Grave Wrappings work, the Shocking Burst from Storm's Harness don't, the various procs from Morninglord's Handwraps don't.
    [7:14 PM] LrdSlvrhnd: I'm guessing because 1st Degree Burns & Entropic are "special" effects, that's why they work. Not sure if the Paralyzing Fear works because both my druid and his wolf were wearing TF at the same time, and both generally attacked the same target, so no idea whose paralyzing was proccing. And now neither of them use it... and I generally only play him in groups, so I'd have a hard time telling if it was my wolf's paralyzing or somebody else if I switched him back lol
    [7:15 PM] LrdSlvrhnd: (The Vulnerability from the TF wraps were proccing and stacking properly, though.)
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