My daughter and I (she's 8) started this guild together. When we started it last year, we were still both new to the game and didn't realize what a long road it would be to get the guild to grow. We are in Pacific Standard Time, and play during the evening, and are usually on most of the day during the weekends. We love to run events on Saturdays, either raids or even try some of the challenges. Right now TheObandos are recruiting both active and casual players to help us grow. I love to help and watch other new players grow as I believe a guild is only as strong as it's weakest player. I have made many characters at various levels to help guild members at any stage in the game. So if you are looking for a guild that you can count on someone being there (at least in our time zone) to run quests with you check us out. These days the character I am most on is "CigBock". Send me a message in game and let's grow into something special