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    Default Level 30+ raid loot needs upgraded adjusterd

    Post Ravenloft..

    It would appear a lot of the old raid (30+) loot might need adjusted. DOJ gear is ok, RSO has a few pieces but most of the gear is already outdated and RSO raid is harder than the ravenloft raids IMO.

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    Not just the raid loot...ALL named items are in SERIOUS need of an upgrade. For the difficulty, scroll/seal/shard items are woefully outdated. They take literally years to farm, for some of them, but pale in comparison to even random loot nowadays. Skip new content for a time and work on improving, or bringing usefulness to, existing content.
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    It doesn't even need to be changed retroactively, just an update to all new drops. That would help keep raiding alive as well.

    Oh, and give us some option to barter for shards and seals. Universal raid tokens or something would do nicely. Or epic items on 20th completions.

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