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    Default Changes to Gamma do not save

    I installed on a new machine recently and now am unable to save any changes to my gamma setting. I can alter it in game and have checked that the config file allows changes and stores the change at that time, however the next time I launch the game it has reset to the default 1.00 value.The folder and file parameters are not 'read only', AllowGammaChanges is set to true and before launching the game Gamma is set to the value I last put it on in the prior session however when I next run the game it resets to 1.00 and the world goes dark again.Anyone have any idea what may cause this?

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    Yup, its annoying. I constantly have to reset my gamma because the game imagery is too dark.
    I typically set to 1.20...

    The game constantly resets this particular parameter back to 1.0 but leaves the other adjusted settings alone..
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    Happens to me alot after fresh DDO install.

    My workaround is to switch between real-fulscreen and windowed-fullscreen few times, close game client at each of those states.

    After few times it starts to remember the settings.
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    Although I have to change the setting all the time I consider myself lucky.

    After one update my wife could move the bar but it would not adjust her settings at all. The only way to change them was to change to window mode and play in that mode.

    Then in the next update this was corrected for her and all of a sudden it would not work for me.

    It's been working for me for about 4 updates now. I feel it is just the luck of the draw.

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