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    Default Static Group - Orien

    Currently we have a group filled up, but we are looking for a leader on another group who can get things done. We have group 1 filled up, and group 2 is kind of getting there, slowly. We have 2 for sure, the 3 one is kind of leaning on the edge. We are on Orien, and we are trying to set a second group up to run raids and what not without having to fill up on an LFM.

    Things you need to have.
    - Ears
    - Common Sense

    - No Zerg
    - Don't run into a trap if you cannot take it, this falls under Common Sense
    - Know the group and the running speed.
    - Don't be a weirdo.

    Eastern 1pm - 4 or 5pm Eastern.

    2 Tank
    2 Spellcasters
    1 Healer
    1 Trapper

    We have a Paladin and a Ranger for Group 2.

    Please private message me or reply to the thread if this can work, and you'd wish to join.

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    Default interested

    what days do u run?

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    Default My Question is Unique in itself as I wish to speak to any leader of a Perma on Orien.

    As I am informed, your character dies / deletes if death. I am here on quite a different matter. As you I speak to those on Orien Only. A Simple Suggestion, That may be quite fun. Though would need some coordination between leader of the group and I. I offer this,
    Offering a Quest in exchange for such items etc...

    Such Items can be any I can acquire that are not bonded on acquire; only those that equip and bond.

    A powerful wizard bestows a quest, could be interesting! Just saying. If you are interested, A few things I would need to know, such as what items you would allow the party to have that I can acquire for completing the quest. Also What items particular / and levels.

    A few thoughts / Relics / junk items in game that only come from doing said quest, for example the Shards in Tear, ETC.

    Well, if interested. I am Wellow In game. Or reply here.
    You may know me as one of the following : Ryyan (Wife and I play together, We decided to make well.....US.), Wellow (my first level 20) or Wellows (Remaking to Improve Wellow), Barcads (stays 10 to help others) Ryan & Maryelleen.

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