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    Default New/returning players or maybe just looking for a fresh Guild in Argonnessen?

    A big Hiya to all of the Argonnessen players out there!

    Nimzi gives her sincerest greetings and is beginning to want to start something she has had in mind now for a little while now!
    I have been playing for about 9-10 years now. My first 2 I spent in Argonnessen, then started my Cannith adventure for about 4-5 years, finally made my way back to Argonnessen after I left Cannith. I have started up my own guild, "Beg for Mercy." It is level 20 and only my main, Nimzi, and an alt are in it. I am often online and trying to be as progressing as I can with both Nimzi and the Guild. I am very understanding when it comes to long breaks offline, knowing how it is to be in a guild that is super inactive, and simply just not knowing where to start when it comes to joining a Guild. I was new myself at one point. If you find yourself in Argonnessen, with whatever reason that may be, and happen to be looking for a guild that you'd be welcome in with a leader who is generous and always willing to help in the best way possible whether it be giving advice, tips, or anything else of that sort, "Beg for Mercy" is looking for players interested in joining. I plan on starting off with open recruiting for the start and then eventually progress into the community I want my Guild to be about as I feel it should be from my point of view.
    That simply is becoming a community who is, or is learning to be, very familiar with the content. Having, or is working towards, at least on character that has become a completionist(With Heroic, Racial, Iconic, and Epic TR's), certainly no time limit on when this happens, everyone needs a break every now and again. Looks at their Guild mates like family while maintaining an enjoyable, mature, drama free, and in whatever way deems fit as preferred or common behavior and humor in the atmosphere. While also, always willing to help each other out, as well as the rest of the Argonnessen community. Meaning, if you have something that someone might be looking for that you can spare, regardless if it's Platinum or simply just your time with help on running a quest, then help. It's just a game. If you ain't busy, then what could it hurt? I don't want a guild full of selfish and rude players. By time the guild reaches 200, I want the guild to be full of Elites from all over the world, no matter what your differences are, always out to lend a hand, always pushing onward in their Characters development, but also being a widely favored and accepted family by the rest of the Argonnessen server.
    Let's start our journey into making a family that not only is loyal to one another, but strives towards making an impressionable mark on the servers community. I mean, come on! Who wants to spend their time, especially for the ones who have already spent countless hours of it already, in a community if it becomes unenjoyable or starts losing its population? I don't! So if you want to help ensure the best future for Argonnessen that its community desires the most, then "Beg for Mercy" would love to have you!

    Send a Mail, Via in game, to Nimzi if you're interested in joining.
    Thank you all and Happy Hunting from Nimzi in Argonnesson!
    Last edited by Nimzi; 01-19-2018 at 04:50 AM. Reason: I wanted to give the assurance that everyone was welcome. You don't have to be a completionist to join. That's future goals

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